2021 Recruiting Trends Shaped By The Pandemic

2020-2021 was a tough year on recruiters. The pandemic proved to be a monumental change when virtual recruiting became the new normal. The CDC recommended social distancing measures which forced people to go remote. More companies will have to start adopting technologies for recruiting that'll attract remote applicants. Virtual recruitment and hiring is here to stay and companies will have to realize that sooner rather than later. In person visits are important, but businesses have also found success with assessing candidates virtually. The world is facing uncertainty in all industries, recruiting as well. Businesses are facing challenging decisions because recruitment hiring has changed overnight. 

Reliable technology is available to any company that needs it to help ensure their online recruiting is successful. Businesses want the best talent on their team which will require cutting edge technology to assure that their brand gets noticed. Here are some trends that was gathered in a survey by over 1,500 talent acquisition professionals in 28 countries conducted by LinkedIn. 

The best type of recruiters will adapt to this unique situation and show the value that their team has to offer. According to an article published by the Society for Human Resource Management, in February 2021, new recruiting trends have emerged as a result of the pandemic. 

Virtual Hiring Is Here To Stay

As a result of the pandemic, technology has advanced, and virtual recruitment has cemented its place in talent acquisition. Before the pandemic even started, virtual recruitment was already making its way to businesses and people started adapting. Hiring processes were accelerated because of technology, are people going to be able to get back to traditional hiring practices? The answer is not likely. This pandemic forced businesses to conduct pre-recorded and virtual interviews in order to continue their recruitment, there was no other choice. According to the president of Brazen, a virtual hiring event platform, virtual recruiting in 2020 helped organizations streamline recruiting processes, improve diversity hiring, and hire better talent by reaching across geographic barriers. Employers will continue to use virtual recruiting alongside traditional in-person recruiting, but it will not be one or the other.

The pandemic may have showed employers that they are capable of working remotely under tough circumstances, but it is not sustainable. The pandemic moved people online, connecting them to social media more than ever, we can't just completely move away from that. 

Companies Will Emphasize Internal Hiring

According to the survey conducted by LinkedIn, internal mobility is up 20 percent since the pandemic started. Creating opportunities for repositioning internal employees will help fix the issue of retention from top talent workers. According to the LinkedIn report, increased engagement, lower costs, and a shorter hiring process are a few of the benefits of the shift to internal mobility. Employees stay 41% longer at companies that hire internally compared to those that don't. 

The overall goal organizations want to achieve is long-term sustainment. Focusing more on hiring remotely will allow for organizations to ensure they will have the ability to sustain a high number of employees consistently. 

Recruiters Will Play A Bigger Role In DE&I

Diversity, equity and inclusion will be a topic organizations continue to focus on when recruiting. More candidates are making sure that an organizations DE&I are visible when making job choices. If organizations weren't paying attention to and surveying employees on DE&I before Covid, now is certainly the time to start during this chaotic time. When employees were forced to move home and work remotely, their connection to their normal workplace went away. It is crucial for leaders to stay connected to employees and check in on them. 

Diversity is critical in business, especially now when they have the chance to broaden their talent search virtually. Increased awareness will only spike with the continuing of virtual recruitment and hiring. 

Recruiters Will Expand Skill Sets

According to LinkedIn, the number one skill for recruiters to embrace in 2021 is adaptability. With the shift to remote hiring, recruiters had to develop new skills such as talent data analysis, employer branding, and adjusting the hiring process. The survey showed that many recruiters were eager to learn new skills including talent advisory training, virtual interviewing, productivity, virtual onboarding, and internal mobility. The most beneficial skills that recruiters needed to have was personal development, reflecting, and adjusting personal skills in order to succeed during this shift of hiring processes. 

The pandemic forced recruiters to take a step back and figure out what worked, what didn't, and how that could be applied to the virtual world of recruiting. Recruiters went the extra mile to ensure the success of their business.


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