3 Ways to Improve Your Employer Branding on Social Media

Did you know that most candidates for a job these days will check out a company’s social media before they submit an application? Potential candidates, especially in high demand fields like healthcare, are becoming more and more particular about the positions and companies they will apply for. Managing your employer branding on social media is really crucial to attracting the best possible talent you can. Here are our 3 best tips on how to leverage your social media to attract applicants.

1. Show off your company culture!

office party

Photos and videos are powerful tools on social media, and the easiest, most straightforward way to attract applicants is to show off how much fun it is working there. But keep in mind, those photos don’t take themselves! Make sure you have someone assigned to photo duty at every company event - they don’t even necessarily need a fancy camera if they can point and shoot clearly with with a good phone camera. If the same person can go through the photos, select and edit the good ones, then even better. When possible, try to tag as many employees as you can once the photo is up - tagged photos will get you a higher reach!

2. Find concrete ways to show off employee training.

employee training

Employees at companies of all sizes are always learning skills, participating in training, or teaching others. Applicants will love to see how you invest time and effort into training your employees - it’ll show them that you value your employees in the long term and want to invest in them. Figure out concrete ways to show this on social media - you can take photos of employees training, get quotes from employees about their experiences, or show them utilizing their new training. Or better yet, use a combination of the three to really make it clear to your social followers. 

3. Show off your employees.

employee hobbies

What better way is there to show off the great people who make your company what it is than to let them speak? Learning about a cool person who could potentially be their new teammate (or friend!) is a great way to encourage potential applicants to take the plunge. Interview your employees, film them talking about their hobbies or why they love working at your company, and share photos they take (if they give permission, of course)!

What is your favorite strategy for employee branding on social media? Tell us below in the comments! 
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