5 Conference Giveaways That Actually Generate Recruitment Leads


Recruitment conference tabling and tradeshows can be hard. It’s you versus the competition and you both want the same candidates. You know you need to stand out and make an impression. And you know the goal is to generate leads for your talent pipeline.

But how does one stand out against the masses? 


Promotional giveaways!

And we aren’t talking branded pens. Oh no, this article is taking it to the next level!

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we need to answer this question:

Do promotional giveaways really work? 

The answer is yes!


Promotional products increase brand awareness and can get candidates excited about your company. Not only are they a proven channel for brands to make a favorable impression, but they also rank the highest in terms of effectiveness.


Promotional giveaways = more booth traffic

We know the first step of finding top talent is to attract the candidate and promotional giveaways do just that. Exhibit Surveys Inc. completed a study that discovered companies with promoted giveaways at their booths had significantly higher traffic than those without.

Recruiting the best candidate is a lot of work, so make the first step easier by catching the eye of the most qualified candidates with your amazing giveaways.


Strong employer branding is essential to recruiting. You want to make sure the talent is aligned with your employer’s values and that potential employees have a favorable opinion of your employer. So how does this connect to giveaways? According to Promotional Products Association International, 8 in 10 people shared that their impression of a brand positively changed after getting a promotional product.

After all, part of making a lasting impression is actually being remembered as an employer.

Tweetable stat: An Identity Works Study discovered that: “71.6% of attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.”

So how do I attract people to my booth?

Get creative. Your giveaways should be useful, entertaining, or both. 

Tweetable fact: Identity Works revealed 92% of consumers keep a promotional product because it’s useful!

Shake it up with these 5 ideas!

Get charged for recruiting with a power bank


We’ve all been there when our phone’s battery is dying and we absolutely need it. It’s how we stay connected and up-to-date on just about everything. You may need your phone to look up the day’s itinerary, meet up with other attendees, or even just get into your hotel room.

So what do you do?

The charging stations are either all full or don’t exist. You left your charger at the hotel room across town. If only you had one of those portable power banks. Now imagine being the recruitment booth that has power banks and saves the day. Everyone will be attracted to your booth because what you have is useful and unique.

Listen to the sweet sound of hiring success with headphones


Being able to listen to your favorite playlist or podcast whether you are traveling, waiting around, or enjoying some down time is awesome. It helps pass the time and keeps you in good spirits. Unless you prefer blasting music out of your phone, headphones are key to staying in the zone. Since headphones break, get lost, or left behind you can never have too many pairs lying around.

Dance your way down the pipeline with Bluetooth speakers

You love your music, audio books, and podcasts and sometimes you just want it louder. Bluetooth speakers are excellent because of how convenient they are. Instead of putting your phone at full volume, you connect to a portable, pocketable speaker and jam out before hitting the convention floor.

Get in the recruiting game with drink ware


This giveaway is a classic and for a good reason. You need to be at your best while at tradeshows, so being hydrated and caffeinated is essential. An insulated tumbler or stainless steel water bottle is just what you need. Here’s a fun fact: According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, half of US consumer who own logoed drink ware use it 2-3 times a week or more.

Hit your goal with gift cards

Gift cards are excellent giveaways because of their usefulness and variety.  And based on a tradeshow’s location, you can provide some convenience for attendees. For example, let’s say there is a Starbucks right next door to the tradeshow, it would be perfect to hand out Starbucks gift cards.

Pro Tip! Advertise about your gift card giveaway and booth number on a mobile billboard that drives around at lunchtime so more talent comes your way!

Now what? 

Alright so you’ve now learned that promotional giveaways work. But promotional giveaways cost money and you need to convince your boss that the budget must include them.

So here are the facts you should mention about why promotional products will be a vital part of your booth’s success.

Straight up, the facts


Research proves consumers like them, keep them, and talk about them. In fact, consumers across all the generations rank promotional products the highest in terms of effectiveness in advertising!

  • Nearly 9 in 10 people who received a branded product remember the brand itself.
  • 8 in 10 look up a brand after receiving a product.
  • 83% are more likely to do business with a brand that they’ve received a giveaway from than brands they have not.
  • 81% of consumers keep promotional products for over a year.

Now you have a list of promotional giveaways that actually work and the facts to persuade your boss. These ideas will help your employer stand out against your competitors, make a memorable impression, and round up strong candidates!



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