Houston Hiring Challenges for the Construction Industry

In Houston, the demand for highly qualified construction workers has many companies facing unique construction hiring challenges. The demand for workers with various specialized certifications has construction companies scrambling to attract and retain qualified, reliable employees.

With the ongoing construction hiring challenges, companies are wasting numerous resources and valuable time searching for the right candidates. Owners of construction companies know the value of having their projects done right and on time. Solutions may need to be implemented on different levels of the organization to face all the construction hiring challenges.

Finding the Right Employees

One solution to help in with the construction hiring challenges is to eliminate the wasted resources used in the initial hiring process. In today’s technological world, advanced recruiting software can be installed to attract the top job seekers while filtering out those without proper qualifications. Installing cost effective recruiting software provides numerous benefits for combating the construction hiring challenges.

  1. Saves valuable time by setting up filters for desirable candidates: Filters search for specific keywords allowing for unqualified workers to be separated from the others.
  2. Lowers costs: Lowers the costs of the recruitment process by allowing all the candidates to be accessed in one central location.
  3. Brings the qualified candidates to the top of the list to allow for immediate contact: When a construction company doesn’t have to waste time searching for the right employee, new employees can be hired to start immediately.
  4. Accessible at any time: Construction work does not always follow a set schedule. Work may be done at various times throughout the day or night. Having instant access will allow for new employee search when needed.

Offering Incentives

Another way to get the best employees is by investing in their future. Scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs are excellent ways to promote existing employees and attract potential new hires. By focusing on building a qualified workforce, a company is facing the construction hiring challenges in a proactive manner.

  • Tuition reimbursement should be within specific fields of study that directly relates to the needs of the construction company to create a knowledgeable workforce.
  • Tuition reimbursement is usually tax deductible up to a certain amount, which helps both the company and the employee.
  • Incentives inspire employee loyalty. As a construction company owner, you are showing the existing employees and potential new hires you care about their future within the organization.
  • Creates an attractive addition to the benefit package, which helps in attracting potential candidates who may not have considered a career in construction.

Paying to Learn

Depending on the size of the construction company, paying employees an extra incentive to learn a new skill may be another option. Larger companies could send employees to specific training classes. The class and the time spent learning would be covered by the company. By offering this incentive, employees will realize you care about their careers within your company.

Attracting star talent requires a company to think creatively when facing numerous construction hiring challenges. Begin by providing a comprehensive benefits package - health insurance, extra vacation days and sick leave are the top choices. Tuition reimbursement or other incentives will add to the desirability of working for a construction company. Attracting the most qualified individuals to work for your company is only half of the process. Keeping the qualified employees is the other half. 



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