2016 – The Year for Microsites and Social Media Career Pages


The end of November is coming too quickly and soon December will be upon us. As we all know that the end of the year races by like an Olympic runner, so the best thing to do with the time you have left is to plan for next year. What sort of goals does your company have for the New Year? Perhaps you’d like to increase the number of applications you receive? Maybe you would like to increase your recruitment brand awareness? Perhaps you are seeking a way to promote your company’s culture? If so, a recruitment microsite integrated with social media career pages is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Increase Applications

One of the major reasons companies lose candidates during the online recruitment process is because the application procedure is time consuming, complicated and confusing. A recruitment microsite cuts right to the chase and gives applicants what they really want. Think of your future microsite as a snapshot of what makes your company great. Candidates want the following: available jobs (with an easy application process), an overview of area attractions (for spouses and family) and a taste of the department they will be joining. A microsite is able to deliver all of those things in an easily digestible format.

Recruitment Brand Awareness

Many companies have a wonderful brand presence in their respective communities, but some forget to promote their recruitment brand. Though those things might seem to go together, they typically don’t. A patient looking for a hospital or doctor is not the same as a person who is looking to work at a hospital as a surgeon or nurse. Your recruitment brand is about the opportunities you can offer candidates, not the company itself. The more people understand that your company is a place to grow professionally; the more they will want to work for you.

Promote Company Culture

I know, I know, you are thinking your recruitment brand shows company culture right? Well, on some level you are correct, opportunities are key to company culture, but the most important part of company culture promotion is your people. Smiling employees go a long way toward increasing your interested applicant pool. The best way to promote this kind of brand is through social networking (chiefly on Facebook and Twitter). One of the best parts of setting up social media career pages is that you can also point all interested parties to your recruitment microsite. Wah-lah, insta-applicants!

Make 2016 the year you commit to a recruitment microsite and set up social media career pages. Want to learn more about social media career pages? Check out our free E-Book featuring 15 great examples of companies that have harnessed the power of social media career pages.

15 Examples of Social Media Career Pages