Making the Leap: Social Media Career Pages

In today’s recruitment market, companies that are marketing themselves in a traditional manner are finding it harder to find talent. Print ads, radio and billboards are simply not cutting it anymore (at least on their own) so we are finding that the most successful companies are reassessing their recruitment marketing strategies. When our clients come to us looking for a new and innovative strategy, our best advice is to integrate social media and more importantly, social media career pages that support their employer recruitment brand.

Social media career pages act as a home base for potential applicants that want to learn more about your company’s culture, open positions and overall vibe. Social media is a great medium to promote positions that are hard-to-fill. This can be done many ways including: Facebook boosts and pay-per-click advertising. It is also an excellent venue to showcase how your employees feel about their work environment. Pictures of your people interacting and being themselves, integrated with open positions are the best way to reach a new audience of passive job seekers.

Many successful companies like Microsoft and Walmart have opted to separate their social media strategy by building one site for clients/consumers and one that is more career specific. They’ve chosen to do this because social media career pages are niche and therefore attract the exact audience they are seeking. People who are searching for a loveseat at Walmart are not the same people who might be looking for a retail job. Different audience, different page, different content!

Making the leap can seem kind of scary, but that’s exactly why we exist. We take the stress out of researching/creating new content and building an engaged audience.

If you’d like to see some examples of social media career pages, download our free e-book below.

15 Examples of Social Media Career Pages