Does Your Recruitment Marketing Pass the Blink Test?

We live in an extremely fast-passed world where the average consumer is constantly bombarded with ads. As Gordon Borell noted in his talk from #INBOUND15, people pass 5,000 ads per day, they only see 285 and the average individual only notices 6 at best. So how do you make sure that your recruitment ad is one of those six? Work your recruitment marketing on a blink test model!

First of all, what IS the blink test? Basically, it’s how candidates decide whether or not your recruitment marketing is worth continuing to look at and the process is simple…3-5 seconds…that’s it! That’s the time you have to capture a candidate’s attention.

In 2013, Hubspot wrote a great blog about How to Make Sure Your Website Passes the Dreaded Blink Test. In that post, they recommended great design along with the use of supporting images, clear headlines that express the value of your offer, easily digestible content, and most importantly making the offer EASY. They also have some great tips on web specific ads, but for people who are crafting other types of ads, here are some top tips to get your ads seen!

Great Design/Supporting Images

You need to grab a candidate’s attention right away, so try to avoid confusing them. Make sure your imagery is in line with the idea you are trying to express and that potential employee doesn’t need to think about it too much. Imagery should be consistent with your company's mission and what they actually do. Another great option is to keep the design simple, and bold important elements that you want them to see. Simple design allows candidates to have a visual rest and bolding focuses your audience in on the point of your ad and makes them want to learn more.

Clear Headlines

Make sure you aren’t missing the mark with your titles. The title is sometimes the first and last thing a potential applicant will take in. Don’t let it be the reason you lose them! You need to make it absolutely clear what you have to offer as candidates are looking for immediacy. Per Brian Clark of Copyblogger, “eight out of ten people read a page’s headline, and only two of ten read the first paragraph.”

Easily Digestible Content

People are in a hurry. The best way to reach them is to use language that anyone could understand (but don’t patronize!). Oftentimes readers tune you out if they don’t feel like they have a grasp of the topic. Per Hubspot, you can also personalize your ads through the use of "You" and "Your" versus "We" and "Us." People want to connect with you on a personal level, so let them! Finally, make sure to create your writing for the people you are marketing to. The voice you project will hit a target and if it’s not aimed correctly it won’t translate to applicant leads.

Make it EASY!


Want a candidate to take a specific action? Make sure it’s as clear and easy as possible. Want them to apply? Make sure the URL is short or easy to remember! Want them to remember your brand? Make sure your imagery is clear. If you make it easy, they will notice you.

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