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Physician Job Advertising That Will Pass the Blink Test

The age of mobile optimization (and therefore smaller screens) has made it absolutely crucial that job descriptions for physicians are blink test approved. So…what is the blink test? Well, it’s a 3-5 second time period that you have to capture the attention of a candidate. It’s not long! And, given…


Make Your Recruitment Marketing Blink Test Approved!

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of recruitment marketing out in the world. Chances are when you went to buy your coffee this morning there was a Now Hiring sign you missed in the window. When you walked through the lunch room at work there was probably a poster for an employee referral program that…


Make Sure Your Recruitment Marketing Website Passes the Blink Test

In a previous blog I talked about the blink test, which is how candidates decide whether or not your recruitment marketing is worth continuing to look at. It’s a decision that is made in 3-5 seconds and with that in mind, it’s crucial that you optimize your website’s design so that candidates have…


Does Your Recruitment Marketing Pass the Blink Test?

We live in an extremely fast-passed world where the average consumer is constantly bombarded with ads. As Gordon Borell noted in his talk from #INBOUND15, people pass 5,000 ads per day, they only see 285 and the average individual only notices 6 at best. So how do you make sure that your…