Physician Job Advertising That Will Pass the Blink Test

The age of mobile optimization (and therefore smaller screens) has made it absolutely crucial that job descriptions for physicians are blink test approved. So…what is the blink test? Well, it’s a 3-5 second time period that you have to capture the attention of a candidate. It’s not long! And, given that physicians are some of the busiest candidates around, you may have even less time to make an impression, so make the most of it! Here are some top tips to make sure your physician job advertising will pass the blink test!

1. Formatting is Key

It may seem like a small thing, but formatting is one good way to set your job descriptions apart from the many healthcare systems who are recruiting new physicians. Pay attention to the following:

  • Bolding - Make sure to bold things like the title so that candidates know exactly what job they are looking at.
  • Key Details - Location, shift and company are great things to pull out as separate line items below the bolded title. Placing these things at the top will immediately alert a physician that this job is what they are searching for. If those elements are in line with what they want, they will continue to read.
  • Bulleting – It’s much easier to read items like responsibilities or benefits if they are listed in a clean format.
  • Hyperlinks – While not all physician job boards allow formatted hyperlinks, make sure to utilize the ones that do. Not all candidates want to apply through the board – in fact, some might prefer to contact a recruiter or apply through the applicant tracking system (ATS) directly, so make that option readily apparent with hyperlinks.

2. Paint a Picture (and make it detailed)

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As far as job descriptions go, it’s always better to include as much information as possible. Certain elements of the description like location make your ad more searchable. In fact, location is key to being included organically on boards like Indeed and will also help set realistic expectations for physicians who may need to relocate to take your position. In addition to location, make sure to try and include the following details that are important to physician candidates:

  • Salary – While some shy away from listing the salary, if it is available information, we recommend that you show it to candidates. It will help you garner realistic candidates who are seeking that level of employment.
  • Information About the Opportunity Beyond the Basics – Make sure your job description includes strong descriptive language about the area, the healthcare system and any major achievements. Physician candidates want to know that they are joining a well-respected, influential healthcare system. Your job description is a great place to highlight your achievements.
  • Benefits – People care about the benefits you provide. Flexible schedules, retirement plans and an on-site daycare make all the difference when physicians are choosing between two healthcare systems.


In addition to clear job descriptions, competitive pay is a key factor to recruiting high-level candidates such as physicians. Are you unsure if your salaries are up-to-snuff? Then check out our Physician Compensation Worksheet with data from Becker’s Hospital Review.

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