Make Sure Your Recruitment Marketing Website Passes the Blink Test

In a previous blog I talked about the blink test, which is how candidates decide whether or not your recruitment marketing is worth continuing to look at. It’s a decision that is made in 3-5 seconds and with that in mind, it’s crucial that you optimize your website’s design so that candidates have a pleasant browsing experience. How do you do that? It’s simple! Here are 5 top design tips to make sure your recruitment marketing website passes the blink test!

5. Choose the Right Pictures

Imagery is so important! People are largely visual, so if you have images that are not in line with your brand’s message, then you run the risk of losing potential candidates. Job postings should have images of people actually performing the tasks and above all should look engaged and happy. Applicants want to know what kind of company culture they are signing on for and using pictures that highlight that aspect of your organization is a great step towards communicating that aim.

*Pro Tip! Consider using real images from your organization to make a personal connection with candidates. If you need to schedule a professional shoot, feel free to reach out to us.

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4. Use Clear Headlines and Titles

There’s nothing worse than a million abbreviations or a title that makes no sense outside of your organization. People need to understand what the job is and if they might be a fit within seconds. Make the job title simple and clear and explain the details in the actual posting. Keep in mind abbreviations like CST may not be as effective as Central Sterile Technician because Google is looking for more defined search terms with their spiders.

3. Make it Personal

People like to be spoken to in a simple, yet respectful manner. Using language like “you” and “your” makes candidates feel like you are talking right to them and that you are interested in having a genuine, relaxed conversation. Making a personal connection is key to recruitment.

You should also need to consider the voice you are using. Are you trying to reach clinical doctors? Make sure to include language that they are familiar with and would use on a daily basis like “endoscopy.” Are you trying to grab an administrative professional’s attention? Use a clear tone that comes across as “get it done.” Many administrators are self-diagnosed type A’s.

2. Use White Space

I know it’s tempting to try to squash everything into a compact space, but when it comes to design, white space is your friend! Candidates need a place for their eyes to “rest” so that they can digest the information easier. Paragraphs, bulleted lists or numbered lists and other visuals broken up by white is the ideal way to present your job opportunities.

1. Include Multiple CTAs

What’s a CTA? It’s a call to action. Basically, giving candidates multiple opportunities across your website to apply will increase your overall success rate. For example, you can use forms with buttons or side banners that are clickable. Always be thinking about ways to integrate contact us or reach out so that you can make sure to capitalize on applicant engagement.

With the ease and speed of modern web design, there is really no reason to have a stale recruitment marketing presence. If you have questions or are looking to have a recruitment microsite or even a full-blown overarching corporate brand identity website built, contact us.

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