2016 Hiring Trends - Be Ahead of the Competition

Trends in hiring and recruitment are ever changing, and in order to be ahead of the competition, you have to be ahead of the learning curve. A company's staff is the most important asset you can have, so hiring high quality new employees is even more important than ever before. Here, we will take a look at some of the top projected 2016 hiring trends and what makes them so important to companies and recruiters alike.

Anonymous resume screening 

According to Dr. John Sullivan, and Ere Media,  this trend follows the recent push for diversity within the workplace and follows a more scientific approach to hiring new employees. This trend helps to alleviate the unconscious biases that many managers, recruiters and interviewers may have, and as a result this makes the hiring process more effective.

Use of videos in recruitment messages  

Again, Dr. Sullivan and Ere Media predict that video usage is a high impact method to reveal the excitement and passion that can be found within your company. With the boundless availability of smartphones and other devices, videos are estimated to exceed 64% of all internet traffic, and using this channel as part of the recruitment process not only catches the eye of potential hires, but effectively engages potential candidates. 

Employee referral 

This trend relies on your own employees' abilities to help identify top prospects that are not actively seeking positions. According to a study by Linkedin Talent Solutions, this process is quickly gaining momentum as a top trend in recruitment for 2016 for a variety of  reasons: 

  • It shortens time to fill for positions with an average of 29 days over 39-45 when posted on job boards or career sites.
  • It has the best retention rates with 46% after year 1 and 45% after year 2 with lower termination rates.
  • It proves to be the most productive source for diversity hires according to CareerXroads 2011-2012.

Data-driven recruiting 

In this technological time, recruiters and hiring managers have access to incredible amounts of statistical insights on what kinds of people are seeking jobs and where their ideal candidates are located digitally. By analyzing where candidates come from and what sort of things attract them; future campaigns can be optimized for a quicker and more efficient turnaround. 

Employer branding 

Your employer brand is how employees and candidates perceive your company as a workplace. With an effective employment brand can help you identify, attract and hire high quality top tier talent. With a well promoted employer brand, you can ensure that candidates perceive your company the way you want it to be recognized.

Flexible schedules and remote working - According to Bounty Jobs, employees are no longer shackled to their desks. Remote working and flexible schedules are now easier than ever to integrate into your business and helps your company expand its talent pool since you won't be limited by a potential candidate's location or willingness to relocate. 

The hiring process is becoming increasingly more competitive among companies as the years go by, and there is no sign of this trend changing anytime soon. By familiarizing yourself and effectively implementing these projected hiring trends of 2016, you are giving your company an advantage over the competition as well as increasing the talent pool from which you can hire high quality candidates.


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