Is Your Healthcare Recruitment Website Missing the Mark?

As advertising professionals, we often hear that our client’s websites don’t generate the physician or nurse candidates they need. If that is the case with your healthcare recruitment website, here are some essential questions to help you evaluate the overall efficacy of your efforts.

1. Do You Have a Separate Recruitment Site?

Many people believe a single website for a hospital or healthcare network is enough, but in our experience that just isn’t the case. Big, corporate websites can be daunting to applicants. Some candidates are just looking to see a simple listing of the available positions and details about your culture, the area and benefits of working for your organization. Overwhelming them can cost you their interest. By making a SEO optimized healthcare recruitment microsite, you are essentially offering candidates a one-stop shop where they can search for the career-related information that they’re looking for. In addition, the SEO will be optimized around positions rather than overall hospital branding so in all likelihood, it will generate more viable candidates.

2. Is Your Website Confusing?


Have you ever browsed the web and located a brand that you really enjoy, but their website is too busy and exhausting to take in? Many sites lack essential “restful” elements like white space and bold headers and that is a big problem for job seekers. If your website is filled to brim with content that isn’t easily digestible, you can be assured that you will lose candidate interest. Candidates should be able to understand the overall point of your recruitment marketing within 3-5 seconds if you want them to perform any particular action (for instance, applying for that neurosurgeon opening you’re desperate to fill yesterday).

3. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Glassdoor reported that 9 out of 10 job seekers use mobile devices to apply for jobs. It is absolutely essential that your site is mobile friendly. 

4. Do You Have an Easy Application?

One of the main reasons applying for a job is so tiresome is because of applicant tracking systems (ATS). They make you register for an account that takes about 30 minutes to create and most people never remember the password! The best way to get applications is to take away the barrier of an ATS. If the person isn’t qualified then you don’t have to contact them, but if they are you can nurture the relationship and they will be much more receptive to filling out the actual ATS forms if they feel that they are being considered in a serious manner for a position.


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