So What IS a Microsite?

At Harger Howe we love microsites for recruitment, but we realize that not everyone is familiar with the term so we thought we’d explain it. What is a microsite? Well, like the name implies, it’s a small site, but it is SO much more!

Microsites are websites that zero in on a specific audience by providing relevant information on a certain topic that interests that particular group. These sorts of sites are great because unlike overarching branded company sites, these microsites are able to show candidates exactly what they are looking for.

For instance, in the case of our clients, their recruiters might be looking to fill a niche position in a new department and a microsite is the perfect venue for that! This site will be able to show candidates more about the new department, a slice of life in the area they might be relocating to and even a detailed job description that might not fit on a typical ATS style site. This sort of tool breaks the barriers between recruiters and applicants by making the process as simple as humanly possible.

Benefits of a Microsite:

Dialed In

A microsite can cater to a specific audience or topic without feeling overwhelming or daunting.


A microsite is a fairly quick project when compared to launching a full-blown website (but they are super effective!)


The recruitment market is always changing and making website updates can be an issue when multiple departments are involved. When we build a microsite, we build it in such a way that changes can be made quickly by our experienced staff so that the process is much less stressful for the clients we work with.

Home Base

This site can be used as a platform to push all your marketing efforts toward. It’s a great way to stay in control of a particular recruitment project.

Easier Sourcing

As mentioned previously, microsites are wonderful at removing barriers that stop clients from completing the application process. If you want a steady pipeline of candidates, definitely consider a microsite.


Our microsites are set up with the ability for us to track all sorts of rich data. We can send reports to our clients about how many applicants have come in, see sources and much much more!


We build microsites for our clients because we know that it will make their lives easier. Do you already have a recruitment microsite? Has it been a while since you've checked in on it? 

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