Less than Ordinary Marketing

Photo courtesy of My Mobile Billboard

This past month, Dartmouth-Hitchcock came to us requesting a less than ordinary marketing strategy for a convention they were attending. They mentioned that they were seeking something memorable and creative and the statement that stuck with us was simple, “smaller and unexpected tends to make the greatest impact.”

In response to that need, we put together a mobile billboard promoting their health system’s current recruitment needs and we set them up with a batch of custom branded Starbucks gift cards that were given out to a limited number of first-come-first-serve potential candidates branded with the following:

1 coffee. 4 seasons. Endless opportunity. Visit: www.dhproviders.org/AAFP

The mobile billboard made a huge impact because it was constantly driving around the convention center and the staff from My Mobile Billboard made a schedule based on attendee movements. The idea that Dartmouth-Hitchcock cared enough to buy the physicians coffee was appreciated and left a positive impression of their brand. These are the sorts of targeted marketing efforts that really set us apart in our industry.

Are you looking for a campaign that is different for your next convention? Here are just a few of the ideas we’ve come up with at Harger Howe!

  • Personalized wine bottles with a unique hashtag
  • Cards redeemable for “Dinner on Us!”
  • Entertainment budget cards redeemable for “A Movie on Us!”
  • Branded convention columns in the exhibition hall
  • Mobile app listings with available jobs or banner sponsorships
  • Gift baskets (with items that define your company and your area) delivered to the hotel rooms
  • Bag inserts directing people to your table with an incentive attached

The way you present your opportunities is almost as important as the opportunities themselves. People want to work somewhere that they respect and enjoy. Let us help you promote who you are at your next event.

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