How to Make the Most Out of Radio Advertising

Many people think that traditional media and radio advertising in particular is on the way out in lieu of social ads and music streaming, but while those platforms are on the rise, that just isn’t the case. We are in an advertising renaissance where, as marketers we must learn to reassess and change our strategies to integrate traditional methods with new media so that our clients can make the most out of their advertising dollars.

This past September, I went to Hubspot’s #INBOUND15 conference and I got to see a presentation by Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. His presentation was on a lesser-discussed topic: Traditional Media Isn’t Dead. As we produce a lot of print and radio campaigns, I knew I wanted to attend that particular talk.

Some of the numbers from that talk really shocked me, but in my opinion the following set was the most valuable:

Media Reach: All Adults

  • 94% - Radio
  • 52% - Newspaper
  • 86% - TV
  • 82% - Cable
  • 85% - Internet
94% of adults can still be reached by radio! As a social content marketer, I focus a lot of my attention on pay-per-click, targeting and other options to reach more passive candidates, so it is always great to see how a different perspective or strategy can play out on a more analytical level.

Gordon Borrell mentioned that, “using traditional media in the mix drives powerful results.” When helping our clients with an event, we like to run a diverse mix of ads on platforms such as radio, direct mail and social media and as you can see from the numbers above, that kind of integration is clearly the way to go for recruitment advertising.

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