Physician Recruitment - Doing it Right!

In order for a hospital or medical center to run effectively and efficiently they need a full staff of qualified physicians. The bottom line in each organization is tied to the medical staff’s ability to see patients and provide the appropriate services. You can assign a direct dollar amount to each physician’s productivity and if you have open positions to fill then your organization is not maximizing your ability to make a profit.

The ability to attract and retain top talent is essential in today’s healthcare environment in order for hospitals to compete. All too often the process of physician recruitment is reactionary instead of proactive.

Here are 3 examples of hospitals or medical centers that are doing it right!

Guthrie Health

They have a designed microsite with a unique URL, which has relevant information about the health system, living in the area and a list of open positions. You can find videos of actual staff discussing what it is like to live in the area and work at Guthrie, which is extremely valuable to potential recruits. They also have their social networks linked on the page so that candidates can follow them socially to keep up to date on what goes on within the health system. Social media is a great way for recruiters to interact with candidates that may not be ready to make a move yet, but may do so in the future.

Elliot Health System

The Elliot Health System located in Southern New Hampshire does a fantastic job of informing potential applicants about all their health system and the area. They even have a designated site specific to physician recruitment! Candidates can watch videos with subjects that address the hiring process, what it is like to work there and they also have a video specifically speaking to spouses or significant others. This is extremely important in the hiring process given that most couples make the decision together. Elliot also includes information about the local real estate market, schools and religious offerings. Another key to their success is that the site is mobile optimized so that it looks the same whether you are viewing on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Finally, candidates can follow specifically designated physician focus social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook allowing another avenue of communication to potential applicants and passive candidates.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock has set up a full, inclusive website that is targeted toward physicians and mid-level providers looking to work within their organization. The robust site gives information about the practice settings, technology, benefits, research and teaching opportunities that are available throughout the network. Candidates have the ability to read recruiter profiles and contact them directly through the site and they also have the ability to follow Dartmouth-Hitchcock socially through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. As previously mentioned, social media is a great way to stay in touch with passive candidates and keep them up to date with what happening at the health system and in the community and Dartmouth-Hitchcock is maximizing that potential.


Want to learn more about how to increase the effectiveness of your physician recruitment strategy with microsites and social media? Then check out our Recruiter's Toolbox today. 

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