Why You Should Create Separate Social Media Career Pages for Recruiting

When people mention social branding they are typically talking about a company on the whole, but niche markets such as healthcare recruitment need to play the game a little differently. At Harger Howe we produce and manage separate career-based pages for Twitter and Facebook for a number of our clients.

One of the greatest advantages to a separate careers Facebook or Twitter page is that it becomes a destination for people who are genuinely interested in working for a company. It’s a great place to post hard-to-fill opportunities (we often call them out as Hot Jobs, which come to be recognized by candidates as new and excellent career options).

Additionally, these social networks don’t need to be maintained by a hospital administrator or recruiting manager, which leaves them more time to do all the rest of the work they have on their plates. We manage it using trends like key words, hashtags and much more. We also monitor it on a micro level using analytics, so if a post is unpopular, it will not be posted again.

We can even hook Facebook ads back to the careers page that target your ideal candidates by region, job title and age group. This allows us not only to increase your audience, but also to get more website clicks. Branding a career page will ultimately increase general web traffic so it’s a win-win for everyone!

On Twitter, in addition to cross posting content from Facebook, we can promote recruiting events. Generally when recruiters are at conferences or hiring events, they have minimal time to post to social networks, but we have all the time in the world to make sure live pictures that we receive go up with appropriate trending tags that will net the most attention from the candidates that our clients want to talk to.

Contrary to popular belief, a client’s marketing department can work harmoniously with our career-based social sites. One fantastic option is for them to send content that they would like cross-promoted ultimately developing both audiences simultaneously. We welcome cross-posting because our job is to make our clients look good from all angles.

Usually our content revolves around increasing the overall knowledge of area activities, open jobs and the feeling of good will surrounding a company. Our overall goal is to source content that is valuable to potential candidates so that the best of the best actively seek to work for the companies we promote.

Maintaining an active audience for a career-specific social network takes time and dedication. At Harger Howe we do the heavy lifting as far as web marketing; the only concern we want our clients to have is how to handle the flood of potential employees we send their way. 

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