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5 Things Which Should Be On Every Recruiter’s Summer Checklist

Since summer is usually the slowest season of the recruitment year, it can be tempting to just sit back and relax. But why set yourself up for more stress once fall comes around? We’ve put together your summer recruitment checklist of five EASY things you can check off your list that will make the…


How to Generate Recruitment Blog Ideas for All Industries

So your recruitment advertising agency, boss or Chief Marketing Officer has suggested that you start a blog to increase the organic traffic to your website. Well, yes, that sounds great, but what in the world are you going to write about and how do you get started? Today, we are going to share with…


Blog to Recruit – How Blogging Can Help You Acquire Top Talent

 As most recruiters know, the recruitment advertising game has changed drastically over the past few years. One of the biggest changes is that unlike in past years, candidates are more informed than most recruiters. They research companies long before they consider applying and they consider more…


Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think of a sizable, renowned company, such as Google. Between the slogan, "do cool things that matter", esteemed employee perks, and innovative corporate culture, who wouldn't want to work for Google? Such a reputable company owes a lot of its success to its brand identity, as do many other…


5 Key Tips to Recruit Millennials

Yesterday's recruiting methods will not attract tomorrow's best candidates. Millennials are high in demand as they are the new majority in the labor force and their unique skill set is remarkably beneficial. Those who best understand what drives millennials will succeed at acquiring the top talent.…


Why You Should Create Separate Social Media Career Pages for Recruiting

When people mention social branding they are typically talking about a company on the whole, but niche markets such as healthcare recruitment need to play the game a little differently. At Harger Howe we produce and manage separate career-based pages for Twitter and Facebook for a number of our…