Blog to Recruit – How Blogging Can Help You Acquire Top Talent

 As most recruiters know, the recruitment advertising game has changed drastically over the past few years. One of the biggest changes is that unlike in past years, candidates are more informed than most recruiters. They research companies long before they consider applying and they consider more than the job description when they search. Sometimes, something as simple as a company being located next to a prime ski area could be the deciding factor.

The movement to create relevant, timely blog content within an overarching inbound marketing strategy is real and companies who lag behind are losing the opportunity to acquire top talent that might be passively seeking new career opportunities. Are you still wondering how blogging can benefit your recruitment efforts? Here are three reasons why blogging is going to be your new best friend when it comes to recruiting top talent.

1. A Projected Brand Identity = A More Interested Candidate Pool

One of the top reasons candidates choose companies to work for is the company culture and by proxy, their recruitment brand identity. Is your recruitment brand all about living better? Then applicants need to know that. The recruitment brand can be highlighted within the posts and will be shared as long as the content is valuable. If candidates see a recruitment brand consistently enough that appeals to them, they will apply for a job with that company.

2. More Traffic + Better SEO = More Candidates and Applications

Keyword marketing, a standard piece of professional blogging generates candidate traffic and more applications. How does it do so? Well, recruitment advertising professionals such as ourselves generate a list of keywords based on your ideal candidate’s (also called a persona) needs. And, whatever is valuable to them is what we write about for our clients. Over time, this keyword strategy will increase organic search traffic. In addition, a blog will provide an increase in indexed pages and by creating that quality content the blog will earn more links from other websites who like your company and want to share the information. Are you still skeptical? Well, here’s a great statistic on that from Business 2 Community with Hubspot data, “companies with active blogs generate 55 percent more site visits, 97 percent more links to their websites, and their pages get indexed a whopping 434 percent more often.”

*Pro-tip! Do you feel that you don’t have time to blog? Consider allowing us to do it! We create blogs for our client’s all the time and integrate them into a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that helps as Hubspot puts it, position their recruiters as "industry thought leaders."

3. Active Recruiters = More Engaged Candidates

Let’s face it; recruiters are busy. They barely have time to tweet jobs. The last thing they want to do is BLOG! That’s where inbound marketing comes in. If a company does an inbound marketing integration, they can hook up various social profiles and automate them to share valuable information created by their company (or created for their company by a recruitment advertising agency), which allows them as a recruiter to look socially active. An active recruiter is going to appear more approachable and will have a better chance of attracting applicants. The only thing recruiters really need to do is make sure that their personal brand identity is up-to-date, which we’ve created a tool for!


Blogging is not a new concept, but it is a necessary one. If your company hasn’t integrated a blog into their website then add it into your new recruitment budget. Don’t be afraid to take the leap because it will save you money and time in the long-term.

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