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How to Combat the Doctor Shortage

There is already a doctor shortage in the United States due to the demands from an expanding and aging population. Combined with the influx of 40 million newly insured patients under the Affordable Care Act, this issue will persist. In fact, the doctor shortage is predicted to exacerbate, producing…


Recruitment Branding 101

Recruitment branding is commonly known as employer branding. Universum Global defines it as, “the process of promoting a company, or an organization, as the employer of choice to a desired target group, one which a company needs and wants to recruit and retain. The process facilitates the company’s…


Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think of a sizable, renowned company, such as Google. Between the slogan, "do cool things that matter", esteemed employee perks, and innovative corporate culture, who wouldn't want to work for Google? Such a reputable company owes a lot of its success to its brand identity, as do many other…