5 Things Which Should Be On Every Recruiter’s Summer Checklist

Since summer is usually the slowest season of the recruitment year, it can be tempting to just sit back and relax. But why set yourself up for more stress once fall comes around? We’ve put together your summer recruitment checklist of five EASY things you can check off your list that will make the busy recruitment season of fall seem like a breeze! Once you’ve done this, then you can keep on enjoying everything summer has to offer!

1. Review your employee referral program. 

Did you know that your current hires are actually one of your best sources for new hires? Happy employees love telling their friends about their great positions. Frankly, people will often do it for free if they genuinely love the company they work for. However, if you offer any kind of financial incentive, expect to see your application numbers really soar! For your employees, its easy money - for you, it’s valuable applicants, hand-sourced and pre-vetted (at least to some extent) by someone who already knows your company well. This is a win-win for you! If you don’t have an employee referral program - or if the information isn’t easy to find, or your employees don’t know about it - this is something to work on BEFORE the fall!

2. Check on your social media properties.

Summer is a perfect time to reevaluate your different social media properties and how they are performing. Which platforms are working the best for you? Are you getting the engagement you want? You should also be considering whether or not you’re using the correct marketing techniques on the correct platform. The strategies which work best on Facebook, for example, are not the ones which work best on Instagram - the audience is different, the etiquette is different, and how people use the platform is different! If you’re not seeing the results you want from your social media, consider putting together some goals for the coming season.

3. Plan your fall hiring events.

Get a head start on your crazy fall season by planning some of your hiring events in advance. Hiring events can be a tremendously useful way to introduce people to your company and hire lots of employees en masse. Properly advertising these events is crucial so that you don’t spend significant time and money on an event which is poorly attended! Plan your advertising methods in advance to make sure this doesn’t happen.

4. Consider your hiring needs for the fall

Summer is a great time to consider your current staff and if you’ll need any additional help once things ramp up in the fall. It’s much easier to schedule interviews and phone calls when things are slow over the summer. Or instead of hiring a person, are you considering hiring an agency to help you with your recruitment marketing? Summer is a great time to look for them! They can help you amp up your recruitment strategy before fall even starts!

5. Employee benefits information.

This is a really big one that is often underestimated. It’s one thing to write in your job postings that you offer great benefits, but it’s entirely another to advertise what your benefits actually are. This is very important as many people, at every professional level, choose their positions based on benefits! If you don’t have an easy-to-read, up to date description of your benefits on your website and a plan to advertise those benefits, you are missing out on valuable applicants! Make sure your recruiting website is working as hard as it can be with this crucial information.

Complete these five tasks and you can go about enjoying your summer vacation in peace! Long days at the beach... grilling with family... lazy summer nights... whatever floats your boat! You can actually relax and enjoy your summer, knowing you've got fall all planned and prepped for. 

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