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Harger Howe Fall 2019 Team Updates!

Fall is almost here, and our team has lots of plans. We hope that this update will help you catch up with your regular Harger Howe agency contacts and will help you meet some news ones!


Just in Time for Halloween: 2018’s SCARIEST Recruitment Statistics

What do you think is the most terrifying part of the ghouls and goblins season? Halloween is just around the corner and while the Trick or Treaters are ready to rock on the 31st, we think there may still be some skeletons in some Hiring Manager’s closets.


Team Harger’s Fall Season Team Update

It’s FINALLY cider donut, sweater, legging, boot, pumpkin, apple and maple syrup season! Fall is in the air and our team has some amazing plans for agency initiatives and time off activities. Read on to learn more about what we’ve been doing as summer winds down and autumn rolls in.


5 Things Which Should Be On Every Recruiter’s Summer Checklist

Since summer is usually the slowest season of the recruitment year, it can be tempting to just sit back and relax. But why set yourself up for more stress once fall comes around? We’ve put together your summer recruitment checklist of five EASY things you can check off your list that will make the…


New Recruitment Marketing Updates for Fall

We’ve said it before and we’ll reiterate the point here; Fall is prime recruitment season. Fall is when you need to be on your game and ready to use the most up-to-date methods to entice candidates because the competition is fierce. Hiring events are starting to come into vogue again, online…


Recruitment Marketing D-Day is September 1st!

Chances are if you’re a typical 40-hour per week professional you are in one of two states right now. The first option is that you are on vacation soaking up sun and if you are reading this (why are you reading this?) you are on your iPhone. The second is that you are slogging through the slow…