Harger Howe Fall 2019 Team Updates!

Fall is almost here, and our team has lots of plans. We hope that this update will help you catch up with your regular Harger Howe agency contacts and will help you meet some news ones!

Michelle, our Houston Partner is going the furthest this fall…

“I’m going to the Philippines in November! Island Hopping. Scott’s best friend, David is married to Beth, who grew up in the Philippines. They’ve invited Scott and I to go island hopping with them for two weeks. They are planning the entire itinerary! I’m so excited.” –Michelle Swarts

Ian, our Designer is hoping to skip fall and slide straight into winter!

“I wish I could say I was doing something awesome for the fall but I’m boring. I’m more excited for winter so I can go snowboarding.

I took last year off and didn’t go at all since I was living on Cape Cod. Now that I’m in Acton, I live super close (10 minutes away) to Nashoba Valley, so even though it’s a really small ski area I might grab a pass for the season just for the convenience. Other more major mountains I frequent are Mount Sunapee, Gunstock, Cannon, Cranmore and Wildcat. Occasionally I’ll take a longer trip into Vermont to ride Killington, and I’d love to try Jay Peak at some point, which is almost on the Canadian border. I’ve never been out west, but I have an open invitation to visit a friend who lives in Bend, Oregon just a few miles away from Mount Bachelor. My dream trip would be to travel to Myoko, Japan. They get around 15 meters of snow each winter and it’s always dry, cold powder – some of the best conditions for riding on earth.”
–Ian Corrigan

Jen, our Account Coordinator is ready for a new season of shopping!

“I will be hitting up all of the fairs (Brimfield), Harvard Flea Market, etc.” –Jenn Chamberlain

Barbara, our Accounts Payable team member has more plans than everyone else in the office combined.

“I will be attending a cruise with the car club to Cold Springs for a “Coffee & Cars meet, then a parade for one of the inter city High School – Kashmere, for their homecoming. Then in September I have a “United-In-Peace” ride to bring the community together and stop the violence and mass shootings. For October, we are having a Fish Fry. Our major college, TSU’s Homecoming Parade (and the place where the next Debates will take place) and a church display to benefit the Thanksgiving Drive. For November, we are going bowling and giving out Thanksgiving baskets and attending a Black Heritage Fall Dance.” –Barbara Coffman

And Gillian, our Creative Content Manager and the writer of this blog will be going back to school.

“I’ve always wanted to go back and get my English degree. This fall, or maybe a bit after that, I will be starting out in a new role where I can take classes. I will miss Harger Howe, but I also know that I am leaving you all in very capable hands.

If you want to track me down to say 'hello,' come cheer for Endicott’s Gulls! You'll likely find me in the stands.” –Gillian Barnes


And there you have it. Another season and another round of updates. Are you ready for fall? It’s okay if you’re not…just call us!

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