Just in Time for Halloween: 2018’s SCARIEST Recruitment Statistics

What do you think is the most terrifying part of the ghouls and goblins season? Halloween is just around the corner and while the Trick or Treaters are ready to rock on the 31st, we think there may still be some skeletons in some Hiring Manager’s closets.

Boos from bad reviews! Creeking sounds from old ATS systems! The fright is in full effect! Let’s dive into the top reasons to be scared that have nothing to do with classic monsters.

Booooooooos and reviiiewwwws!

Reviews matter. In fact, according to Glassdoor, “83% of employees/job seekers are likely to research company reviews and ratings when deciding on where to apply for a job.” 

Is your talent pipeline drying up frightfully fast? Check your reviews on Google, Glassdoor, Facebook and other social platforms to see what’s haunting you. After all, no one wants to join teams that have unfinished business following them around…










The best way to address bad reviews is to answer them head-on. Get to the bottom of them and respond in a caring way that makes people feel safe and listened to. You can’t satisfy everyone, but banishing some of the demons is better than none!

Another approach is to earn more great reviews to outweigh any sour ones. Talk to your employees and ask them if they would be willing to talk about their experiences. If you have built a positive atmosphere, those reviews will break the spell of the bad ones.

Run away!

Millennials are not going to stay with your company (at least if you don’t work hard to up your game!) Per Deloitte, "44 percent of millennial workers will be looking for a new job in two years, and are 25 percent more likely to search for a new job than non-millennials.”

That means that the largest section of the workforce is not necessarily loyal to you. Do more for them or be left alone…in the dark…with no talent to light the way…spooky…


The desktop is a zombie

Gone are the days when your website could be optimized for desktop users only. Mobile has already happened…

According to Facebook“An estimated 3B people will gain access to mobile phones by 202014—many of whom will rely on mobile as their sole means of getting online.” 


You simply must be mobile. And no, that doesn’t mean a creeky old iframe of your ATS plugged into a mobile site. It means a fully mobile experience.

Video…is coming (Actually, it’s already here)

Those who aren’t adopting a video recruitment strategy are going to be in big trouble very soon.

Not convinced? Consider this fact from Cisco: “Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021, up from 73 percent in 2016.” 

And, of that larger percentage of video on the internet, much of it will need to be live. People crave a genuine connection with a company and as an employer, you will need to integrate that into your daily routine.

Live video unlike typical video isn’t the rule, but rather an opportunity to set your brand apart. In fact, the same Cisco study noted that, Live Internet video will account for 13 percent of Internet video traffic by 2021. Live video will grow 15-fold from 2016 to 2021.” Trust us when we say that you want to be part of the 13%, not the 87%…


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