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Project Your Ideal Image: How to Use LinkedIn Headlines Correctly

What is in a job title? Aren't you so much more than that? After all, as a job seeker, unless you are selected for interview, odds are you will likely not be able to show a recruiter your true personality. Conversely, as a recruiter, the likelihood is high that you will miss out on a lot of…


5 Lesser-Used, Super Effective Ways to Find the Right Healthcare Candidates Right Now

If you saw the recent report by AMN Healthcare or if you are working in healthcare recruitment, chances are that you already know “healthcare employment surpassed the 16 million mark in 2018, making it the largest and fastest-growing industry in the US economy.” While this news is very positive for…


Flipping Ageism: Ways to Future and Age Proof your Job Search

We are well into an era of business that thrives on digital technology, confident leadership, and advanced knowledge. Company leaders are readily seeking well-trained, fresh-minded candidates to drive success within their businesses. This process calls attention to age, experience, and professional…