5 Lesser-Used, Super Effective Ways to Find the Right Healthcare Candidates Right Now

If you saw the recent report by AMN Healthcare or if you are working in healthcare recruitment, chances are that you already know “healthcare employment surpassed the 16 million mark in 2018, making it the largest and fastest-growing industry in the US economy.” While this news is very positive for the economy, it means that competition for qualified talent in that sector is even more fierce. 

Now, more than ever is the time to employ every method at your disposal to win over the best of the best. Here are five ways you may not be using yet that can provide top healthcare candidates!

1. Keeping Your Pipeline FULL


Applicant Tracking Systems like to talk a good game about “holding onto a candidate’s resume and finding the right role for them later,” but let’s be REAL…in most companies, those resumes end up in a blackhole. Taking time to actually review those submissions when a new search launches is always a good idea. Also – it can be worth the time to meet people who align with a type of req that tends to open within your company even if a role isn’t open yet. Some day they may be a perfect hire! Don’t forget about your Talent Community! Nurture it and draw from it when your well goes dry.

2. CU at the CEU 


While some hospitals and healthcare systems host events where CEU credits can be earned, not as many host webinar CEUs! Did you know that you can reach and remarket to nurses who attend your webinar? Host a CEU that qualified nurses can attend in their pajamas and then follow up with them the day after. If you provide them with a valuable career tool, they will absolutely remember you and consider you a top tier choice during their career search.

Not seeking nurses? That’s okay! There are many other options for healthcare professionals. Just let us know if you want to talk about them…

3. Adding Chat


Have you ever wanted to talk to a real person before interviewing? Healthcare candidates feel the same way! One way to provide this service is by setting up a chat function on your recruitment website. We know that recruiters can’t be available 24/7, but choosing a dedicated window of time each week to take questions through chat will provide you with a more engaged candidate audience. Plus! It’s a great way to forge connections at all stages of The Job Seeker's Journey.

4. Hello Video!


Many B2B companies are using video within their emails to close deals. Recruiters can do the same thing! Imagine how much warmer a candidate lead will be if they receive an automated email from you with a video introducing their hand-picked point of contact! But that’s not the only way you can use video in your recruitment strategy…here are some more GREAT ideas!

  • Embed recruiter videos in landing pages where candidates view job descriptions.
  • Send thank you emails with recruiter videos.
  • Add recruiter videos to your online website profiles.
  • Create shareable videos that you can send out socially to make yourself more approachable.

There are SO many possibilities…let us know if you need help! 

5. Bring Back Referrals


The truth is, your people are absolutely your best recruitment tool…if you are treat them right. If you are having trouble sourcing for a certain specialty, consider instituting a referral bonus. It can be scary recommending a friend or confidant, make it worth their time by providing them with a little incentive.

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