End of 2018, Beginning of 2019 Recruitment Marketing Trends to Watch

As the sun sets on 2018, recruiters all over are organizing and planning their marketing budgets for the New Year. It’s that time again to sit back and reflect on the current year’s efforts, regroup, and strategize so that you can source a whole new class of candidates.

We’re anticipating a few changes for this new season of hiring. Keep reading for our thoughts on what trends to look out for in 2019, and tips to get ahead in this increasingly competitive recruitment market! 

Social recruiting is here to stay

In the last few years, we’ve discovered a powerful tool to reach active and passive candidates - social media. It’s estimated that nearly 92% of companies are using social networks to recruit, which doesn’t leave much room for those who haven’t jumped on board yet. Social media can help build and validate your brand while providing vast exposure to many candidates. We have seen a lower cost-per-hire when open positions and hiring events are promoted via social media as opposed to other advertising mediums.

This last year alone, we’ve seen a significant jump in the volume of social campaigns we are running for our clients, especially on Facebook. It’s clear that incorporating social into hiring campaigns is effective and will likely stick around for the foreseeable future.

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Hiring bonuses are back!

The job market is still very competitive and because of that, job seekers are looking for more in their offers. Due to the saturated market, we’re seeing a rise in relocation stipends and sign-on bonuses across many different positions. This has been especially prevalent for nurses who are largely in demand right now. To remain competitive with your industry rivals, consider allocating some of 2019’s budget toward those options if you want to win over job seekers

Industries are changing

Increased technology in the workplace and artificial intelligence are beginning to take the place of certain human roles. It’s predicted that clerical positions like telephone/computer operators, word processors and typists, along with skilled labor workers including pourers and casters, coremakers, installers and repairers will be completely eliminated by 2026.  So what implications does this have for job seekers and recruiters?

We predict that as the roles above start to diminish, those who filled those roles will start to transition into other fields. In October, there were approximately 1 million more positions available than Americans actively seeking work, according to the Labor Department. With an abundance of openings, there will be numerous options for job seekers when the time is right. Retail and hospitality are among the areas that account for nearly a third of this availability.

That last point is important to keep in mind entering the New Year because it may mean you can capitalize on the industries that are winding down. For instance, If you’re hiring for retail or hospitality, consider targeting job seekers with similar skillsets, such as a telephone operator who might be a fit for a front desk position. This will be an efficient way to drive applicants in a competitive market.

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Be smart with hiring events

Hiring events, job fairs, and career expos have been a continuous recruitment strategy over the years and we have seen no decline in them this year. Whether you’re a fan of them or not, there’s great potential to draw in viable candidates by organizing an event… if you’re doing it correctly.

These events need to be interactive, engaging, and most importantly straightforward. Attendees are looking for an experience and should have an idea of exactly what they are walking into before they arrive. Time is of the essence when it comes to job searching and recruiting, so be mindful in your planning.

Make the most of your hiring event by advertising multiple openings for various departments and levels. Be transparent about career trajectories and positions that will be open in the future. And remember, these events should be valuable to candidates in multiple hiring stages thereby filling your pipeline and making it so that you can avoid transactional hiring. Like we always say...be proactive, not reactive! 

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It’s time to get personal!

Things are getting personal, in a very positive way. Throughout 2018, we’ve incorporated individualized content focused on specific groups of people in each client company for our blogs and social posts. We’ve experienced a significant rise in engagement when pushing out more personalized content. It’s clear that candidates and job seekers enjoy reading relatable content about their potential coworkers. This gives them an idea of what the company’s culture is like and allows them to feel more connected throughout their job search. 

Consider this when you’re planning out your content calendar for next year. Make sure your schedule includes exclusive content unique to your business and the people who work there. Giving your audience a more personalized experience online will help attract the candidates you really want.  


Change is inevitable and navigating news ways of recruitment can often be difficult. Do you think you’re ready for 2019? We hope our insight will help with your planning. But, if you need mapping out your recruitment strategy, look no further. Harger Howe Advertising is your one stop shop for all things recruitment marketing! Contact us below.

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