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The 2019 Mid-Summer Recruitment Roundup

July is a dead time historically for recruitment, but it doesn’t seem to be that way for hiring-based news! Big things are coming down the road for some major social engines and we are going to break them down for you, quick and dirty.


Summer 2018 Social Recruitment Trends

The constant evolution of social media always keeps us on our toes. It seems as though the minute we get comfortable with our favorite social apps, we’re thrown a curveball and sent back to square one. Fortunately, we’ve become accustomed to the ever-changing media industry, which has taught us to…


Summer 2017’s Recruitment News Snapshot

Keeping up with the recruitment trends that come out yearly or every six months can be difficult, but harder still is keeping up with technology that will ultimately influence the recruitment market strategy. That is why today we plan to go over two major technology industry announcements that will…


Recruitment Trends to Watch into 2018

It’s summer, which in recruitment marketing land means that fall and winter are right behind it. Believe it or not we are already over halfway through this year, which means it is time to start planning for a better-optimized 2018. Here are the recruitment trends we think will carry over into next…


Questions to Ponder for a Better Recruitment Strategy

2017 certainly has been a year of change for recruitment strategy. Inbound recruitment marketing has become a widely adopted approach to more traditional outreach methods, almost all of the job boards are marketing themselves with mobile-optimized technology and apps, people are being replaced by…