Summer 2017’s Recruitment News Snapshot

Keeping up with the recruitment trends that come out yearly or every six months can be difficult, but harder still is keeping up with technology that will ultimately influence the recruitment market strategy. That is why today we plan to go over two major technology industry announcements that will definitely be the subject recruitment news syndicates by the end of this year and will continue into 2018.

Facebook is getting into the news game


It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to hear that Facebook is moving into the news sector. After all, they are big defenders of net neutrality, they are constantly launching new products and they have even come out against so-called “fake news” stating that they are making new products to curb it. But, news outlets such as Reuters broke the actual announcement today.

Reuters simply stated that, “Facebook Inc plans to launch a subscription-based news product, and will begin initial tests in October, TheStreet reported on Tuesday, citing the social media company's news partnerships head Campbell Brown at a conference.” We assume more information will break progressively over the next weeks moving toward October, but for now we can speculate that this will be yet another location for ads to be placed strategically alongside content.

Our prediction is that this product will launch ad-free in October and be ad-filled in time for the winter holidays. That’s great news for recruiters, because now if your candidate is a news buff, you can get into their heads while they sip their morning latté and browse the headlines.

Google is at it again!


We just broke a Google story the other day, didn’t we? Well, here’s another one! Google has launched their very own hiring app. According to Entrepreneur the app is just called Hire and is targeting small and mid-sized businesses who already use other Google applications. We expect this app to be very popular among Google Suite users.

Per Entrepreneur’s article, “With Hire, SMBs can manage job postings, gather candidate applications, screen and interview candidates and collect feedback from the interviewing team. Recruiting team members can communicate with candidates in Gmail or Hire, and the messages will automatically sync to both platforms. Recruiters can check an interviewer's Calendar to schedule inside Hire, which will come in handy when setting up a sit-down.

The platform automatically includes some pertinent information in Calendar invites, like a candidate's contact information, the full interview schedule, and a list of questions on which each interviewer should focus. You can also "analyze and visualize" candidate data in Sheets.”

This move seems to be yet another strategic choice geared towards taking job board giants like Indeed out of the equation. And, in our mind, makes it clear that future budget dollars should be spent on ongoing recruitment branding initiatives and inbound recruitment marketing options.


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