Top Ways to Show Recruiters that You are an Engaged Candidate

Let’s be honest, it’s tough out there in today’s job market. Yes, the economy is on the upward turn, but don’t be fooled; life is currently difficult on the side of recruiters and on the side of candidates. So what can candidates do to signal that they are engaged in the recruitment conversation? That’s just what we will tell you today!

1. Research


Too many candidates go into interviews “blind.” It’s understandable. Chances are you’ve applied for about one hundred roles in order to get this interview. It’s even possible that you don’t know for sure that you want the role. However, if you’ve gotten to the interview stage, that’s half the battle, don’t throw in the towel now!

There really is no excuse in the digital age to be unprepared for an interview. Almost all companies have a web presence on social media channels and their own website. Look at both and think about conversational topics about interesting initiatives they have going on. Research will position you a person who is invested in the future (yours and theirs) direction of the company and will set you apart from less informed candidates (no matter how impressive their resume is).

2. Keep Your Profiles Updated and Clean


While recruiters will be stalking your online presence before the interview, they may also look at it after the first round of interviews. Make sure your LinkedIn reflects your current resume and for goodness sake make sure your privacy settings are set correctly on more personal channels like Facebook.

*Pro-tip: Honestly, the best way to operate is to avoid sharing anything you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see in the first place. It may just seem like a harmless Instagram post, but more people can see it than you think.

3. Bring Copies


It seems simple, but putting together an extra packet that includes your resume, references and a reference letter in a nice folder will really set the stage for your interview.

It’s true, your interviewer may already have a copy in front of them for reference, but it is just as possible that their printer jammed this morning. Even if they don’t glance at the packet beyond the initial offer, they will see you as a professional who comes prepared.

4. Rehearse


There are certain questions that are favorites of recruiters including:

  • Can you tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you’ve failed?
  • Do you prefer to work in a team or solo?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • What interests you about this position in particular?
  • What do you know about our company?

The responses to these questions have been beaten to death on other blogs, so if you don’t have ideas on how to respond, simply Google them and boom – prepared!

*Pro-tip: While we recommend you take inspiration from online sources, make sure your responses are genuine and unique to you. Recruiters want to know why you are the best choice and that won’t come across accurately when you answer using another person's words.

5. Say Thank You


Remember when your parents told you the magic words of please and thank you will take you far in life? They weren’t lying. Making sure to send a timely thank you note via email or even by snail mail (if you think the hiring process will take long enough for it to be received) with a personalized anecdote. That small effort will show recruiters that you appreciated the time they took to see you and will keep you in the back of their mind.


Recruiters – what makes a candidate perfect in your eyes? Send us a message with your response and maybe we’ll include it in a future blog!

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