Recruitment Marketing Best Practices for Indeed Job Postings

We have many clients who like to utilize Indeed to promote open positions. In fact, since Indeed is a job aggregator, chances are their jobs are already on it among the other 500,000. We assist our clients in managing what is known as sponsored or Pay Per Click based jobs that reside at the top of an Indeed search. Just to avoid confusion, the top in this case isn’t page one. Unlike Google, Indeed’s postings provide value well into page 10, as job seekers are looking for something specific and timely. So other than sponsoring your jobs, what is the best way to make sure your jobs are getting in front of the right candidates? Simple! Follow these recruitment best practices for Indeed job postings!

1. Titles

Nix the Catchy Stuff
We get it…you’re looking for an IT guru, but that is not how candidates are searching! Per Indeed, “If you’re hiring a “Java Developer,” call it that. Not a “Java Ninja” or “Java Hacker.” Those quirky job titles don’t include common search terms that people use, making your job hard to find.” You don’t have to have a cool title to get the right candidate! Personalize in the copy, not in the title field.


Be Specific
People want to know what your job is about, so try to be as descriptive as possible when you come up with a title. For instance, when you are looking for a sales person, what do they sell? Medical Supplies Sales Associate is much better than Sales Associate when it comes to getting a response. Candidates want to know right away if the job would be a good match and a title is an ideal place to start!

The Rule of III
No one understands that you are looking for a RN Card III at least not when it comes to searching via keywords! No one searches for Henry the third as a job title! Put Cardiology Nurse in the title. We understand that you have named it RN Card III internally, but when you promote, it you need to customize the title with the candidate in mind.

2. Job Descriptions

Start Strong
When you write a job description, make sure you are beginning with a bang! Candidates are served up piles of jobs with generic writing and if they get bored, they are simply going to move on. Indeed recommends this strategy, You need to strike a balance between giving enough information about the role and being creative.”

If you are losing candidates to your competition, check out their job descriptions. What are you missing? Maybe you aren’t being clear. Remember, your competition is the perfect source for competitive job descriptions.

3. Culture

One of the biggest things candidates look for in any employer is a work-life balance. They want to be a part of a company with a positive and growth-oriented company culture. Make sure to promote what makes you unique and valuable so that applicants have a reason to click apply. To be competitive, you must hit the right candidate marketing and touch on something that really matters to them. 

Keep it Real
Lying to candidates by inflating a position’s importance or pushing an agenda that is not in line with your company will only tarnish your reputation as an employer. Though you want to sell the position, make sure you are being honest and reasonable and your job descriptions are accurate.


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