Interactive Media Strategy – Adding Video to Your Recruitment

In recent years, video has taken the Internet by storm. On Facebook, native video is driving traffic like crazy. On YouTube, certain individuals are making a living purely based on being a YouTube personality. Video was bound to make its recruitment debut at some point. In fact, many candidates have made their own video applications. For instance, Hubspot’s own Senior Technology Partner Marketing Manager, Al Biedrzycki got his start that way. Based on traffic and engagement alone, video is definitely a valuable resource for recruitment professionals. Here are some top reasons why we think you should consider adding video to your recruitment strategy.

The Numbers

Per Cisco, “Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014.” That means not committing at least some of your recruitment dollars toward video-based advertising will leave you with only 20% of the Internet market. As we all know, recruiters must pull in a large pool of candidates to get a handful of potential hiring options, so cutting off 80% of Internet’s ocean of possibilities will net you a kiddy pool sized network to choose from. Don’t let yourself be left behind! Dive in before 2019.

Videos Don’t Have to Be Long

The length of a recruitment video is not as important. Short videos that capitalize on real employee engagement will be very successful because they are REAL. Utilizing employees who can provide you with genuine testimonials that are unscripted will leave candidates feeling that you have cultivated an employer brand that they want to be a part of. If they feel you are real and worthwhile, it will be easier to promote your recruitment brand.

Videos Don’t Have to Be 100% Unique

Though all video content should offer something original, you can utilize footage that is applicable to all departments. For instance, if you are recruiting for a Heart Surgeon, you can still use B-Roll footage of an entire medical center in between footage specific to the unit you are currently promoting. Shooting video content that can be integrated into multiple recruitment videos will be ultimately more cost effective and will save you time when it comes to production.

Candidates Will Feel Like They Know Your Company

As I mentioned earlier, video is a great way to showcase the real people that work for your company. Your employees are your greatest recruitment asset; let them shine!

Existing Employees Will Share

Being in a video representing your employer is a big deal. If you are looking for a way to tell your current employees that they matter, consider featuring them in a video! They will know that you consider them to be an example of an ideal employee and though they might not say it, they will appreciate it. More importantly, if they are featured the likelihood that they will share it with others is high.

You Can Use Video for Other Things

Should you wish to produce video content for your recruitment, it doesn’t have to used purely for your recruitment microsite. You can choose to show recruitment videos at career fairs to help applicants understand exactly what you can offer as a company. You can also take specific pieces of the videos and use them for #TestimonialTuesday postings on Twitter, highly engaged posts on Facebook and even pin them to a board on Pinterest. All of these social media options will drive candidates to your website and will simultaneously build your recruitment brand.


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