Spring is Here – Time to Clean Up Your Recruitment Microsite!

Microsites are ideal for recruitment and we’re sure you love yours, but as it’s the beginning of a new season, let’s take some time to do a deep Spring cleaning style audit to make sure you are making the most out of it. Taking stock of a microsite keeps it fresh and helps candidates remain engaged. With that in mind here are some things to pay attention to with regards to your recruitment microsite.


When you initially set up your site, chances are that you came up with a library of viable links you thought would be helpful to candidates. Are those links still live or are they now giving users a connection error? Make sure to review the whole site to see if links are still valid. Nothing kills engagement or your SEO rating faster than a dead link.

Contact Information

Have recruiters changed companies? Have you hired more staff? Have certain recruiters moved to other departments? Take the time to check out whether or not the department list and contact information for each recruiter is still valid. In addition, make sure forms on the microsite are going to an active contact so that candidates are getting responses when they submit. Response time is key when recruiting; don’t let candidates contact attempts fall off your radar.


When a microsite is initially created, everyone brainstorms a comprehensive list of interesting local sites like museums, programs within the organization and sub pages for initiatives. Are all of those resources still available? Are there new developments in the local area that might be helpful to candidates considering relocation? Take time to talk with staff about what’s new and exciting so that your microsite doesn’t get stale.


Sometimes it’s valuable to show past events on a recruitment microsite so that candidates can gauge what sort of future hiring options might come up, but make sure current ones are available too. If candidates consistently see old events with no potential for new ones, they are likely to stop using the site as the resource it’s meant to be.


Nothing brings new life to a recruitment website like adding fresh video content! It’s Spring, so why not consider letting us help you put together a fresh recruitment video about the hiring process, a specific department’s initiative or what it’s like to work for your organization. Candidates like to watch videos highlighting company culture and details about a company and video attracts organic traffic and is very socially shareable.

Bio Photos

Did you take your recruiter photo with an iPhone? Okay, it’s a start, but candidates respond much better to professional imagery. It shows that the company they are considering cares about it’s reputation and how the recruiters present themselves and that really does matter. We can easily come in for the day to get images of all of the recruiters and while there we can take location shots of the building and even other staff members if they’re willing. Here at Harger Howe we are big promoters of custom imagery.


Whether it’s fresh content or a full microsite audit, Harger Howe is your resource for functional and efficient recruitment microsites. Contact us today if you want to start off Spring recruitment right!

If you already have a recruitment microsite, consider printing out our Recruitment Microsite Deep Clean Action List that lists all the items your should consider when doing an update.

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