What is a Microsite and Why Do I Need One?

In our business we build a lot of microsites, but still get asked, what IS a microsite? Per a previous article, Microsites are websites that zero in on a specific audience by providing relevant information on a certain topic that interests that particular group. These sorts of sites are great because unlike overarching branded company sites, these microsites are able to show candidates exactly what they are looking for.” Some are more long-term recruitment portals while others are simply for one career fair. For those haven’t tried a microsite, it can seem like an unnecessary and even competing element when it comes to your larger company site, but that isn’t the case. Today I plan to outline some of the top reasons to create a microsite to help you decide if you need one.

1. Career Fairs

Gone are the days when you placed one ad in the local paper and got all the candidates you needed. Print is by no means dead, but it definitely needs support from other media like radio and social media, but most importantly, they need a recruitment microsite. The microsite will act a focal point for your event. You can have people register for a specific time slot at the event, give their sizes for promotional t-shirts, apply online and even interact with you socially.

Pro Tip! One great example of a microsite we regularly update is LBJNursing.org. Each time a new nursing need comes around we just add different details to showcase their current initiative.

2. New Initiatives

Sometimes our clients come up with fabulous new programs that offer referral bonuses to existing employees, travel incentives for nurses or diversity and military promotion. They often want to publicize these programs and push them out to viable candidates. The most effective way we have found to do so is to create tailored microsites with a specific and carefully crafted call to actions.

3. Recruitment Branding

As mentioned in Branding and Recruitment Advertising: Partners in Crime, recruitment branding is different from overall branding. Though both are necessary and should work in concept with each other, recruitment branding is aimed at potential employees who want to learn more about the area, the company culture and the available positions. A microsite dedicated to promoting recruitment branding is an ideal way to make sure candidates know what it is like to be a part of your organization.

Pro Tip! Gathering data and analytics on candidates is a must. With a microsite you can isolate metrics that show mobile usage, candidate engagement, referral sources and more!

Do you feel that you need a microsite for your next recruitment event or initiative? Contact us today to talk it through. We love turning your great ideas into reality.

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