Get Optimized! Microsite Optimization Tips

When you want to attract talented applicants to your business, a microsite can be an invaluable marketing resource. A well-designed microsite can help you reach your target audience and create a marketing buzz about your company. Some of the world’s leading brands such as Burberry and Cadbury have had overwhelming success using microsites to engage new and old customers. Take a page out of their book to help your business reach highly-qualified job seekers.

However, when you begin planning the execution and optimization of your microsite, keep in mind the following tips to help you accomplish your recruiting and marketing goals.

Focus On a Specific Topic or Goal

Since a microsite is separate from your main website, you have the opportunity to zero in on a specific recruiting event or topic without distracting applicants with navigation that includes links to your products or extraneous company information.

Do not overload your microsite with information on more than one event or topic. You want to make sure site visitors stay focused. Consequently, your written content should be simple and straight to the point.

Named as one of Fortune magazine’s best companies to work for in 2015, global financial services firm EY uses a microsite to highlight the company’s commitment to diversity in its hiring practices. The microsite enables EY to underscore its reputation as a leader in inclusiveness and equality.

Provide Useful Information

As you plan the content for your microsite, focus on the main facts as if you are a news reporter compiling the five Ws about a subject: who, what, when, where and why. This is crucial for microsite optimization. You do not want your site visitors to have an excuse to go searching on the web for other details about your event or company job opportunities.

You should present your content in a precise manner. Site visitors need to understand immediately the purpose of your microsite.

Engage and Retain Your Audience

Microsites are generally housed on a separate domain from your main website or on a subdomain. Make sure to use a web address that is directly related to your goals.

Use calls to action as well as interactive elements to aid in microsite optimization and to engage your audience such as:

  • A form that enables applicants to submit their resume, register for an event or sign up for company job updates.
  • A well-produced video that gives site visitors a brief introduction to your company.
  • Social media sharing tools that enable site visitors to post information from your microsite to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other online community websites.
  • A sortable list of job openings that site visitors can download.
  • A live chat function so applicants can ask company representatives questions about job opportunities.

These elements can help with microsite optimization, enticing your applicants to submit their resumes and emails as well as sharing your site to their friends and colleagues.

Use Creative Design

A microsite provides you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles and showcase your company with captivating graphics and other design elements. When you work with a graphic designer to plan the visual layout of your microsite, do not limit the design to the standard, grid system of traditional business websites.

If you follow the guidelines above, your microsite should succeed in highlighting your event or job opportunities in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing manner.


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