3 Reasons You Should Be Optimizing Your Microsite’s SEO

SEO optimization is a key element to successful recruitment microsites. Having a strong SEO strategy in place will allow you to find candidates organically and will help provide direct candidates with a better microsite experience. On and off page SEO can be boosted via methods like blogging, link building and more.

So what are some main reasons your company should consider optimizing your recruitment microsite?

1. Get Found via Keywords 

So let’s think about a long-term recruitment initiative. Picture this…you just found that your Recruiting Manager or HR Director wants a defined plan to develop a candidate pipeline. They are seeking a resource where candidates can find your company regularly in an organic fashion and possibly register for specific events as well.

Don’t worry! You can start the process creating a microsite and pumping up your SEO with keywords aimed at your ideal candidates in both the Title and Meta Description. Focusing on the right keywords in both your meta descriptions and title will allow your to be found easier on Google and that is the ultimate goal for companies that want to grow via organic search.

2. Start Ranking

Did you know that Google penalizes you for duplicate content? Even if the information you offer on multiple pages is relevant, it is better that it just appears just once. This sort of manual optimization will help you rank higher in search engines so that candidates can find you easier.

Alternatively, if your site is going into in many different directions via lots of unnecessary webpages, that could also water down your SEO rating, so another great manual option is to structure your pages in a more targeted manner. Basically, that means taking the time to cut out old pages that might not be in use anymore. You’d be surprised how beneficial that sort of culling can be!

3. Easier Site Navigation 

Even if your ideal candidate accesses your site directly, they might use the site map to navigate your pages. A messy sitemap is confusing for everyone including search engines. To that point, Google’s spiders are constantly out there crawling the Internet to serve up valuable content to users and if your site map is confusing, your SEO rating will fall.


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