Recruitment Marketing Best Practices for Healthcare Systems

Recruitment marketing and recruitment branding are different than what you think of as “product marketing.” Product marketing is often though of as “sexy and innovative,” but although you may not think of recruitment marketing as “sexy,” you should definitely think of it as innovative. The fact is; it’s not about that kind of selling. We sell a lifestyle, a fulfilling job and life choices. In that way, recruitment marketing is the most important type of marketing because it keeps businesses staffed and running. Recruitment is the engine that powers all levels of business. There are many technical and in-depth best practices to any marketing campaign, but here are some recruitment marketing best practices that we find particularly useful.

Be Proactive

Recruitment marketing is not discussed in most cases until a need arises. For instance, a doctor gives his notice and then there is a role to fill thus leading a recruiter to act reactively. While that is a great reason to start a recruitment advertising campaign, it is not the most cost effective method. It may seem like ongoing recruitment branding will cost you, but the truth of the matter is, not having a viable physician in your open position will cost you much more.

Be Social

Not being active on social media these days basically means that you don’t exist to a Google or a large percentage of the population (including your ideal healthcare candidates). Doctors and nurses are social too! Though they may not have time to read a newspaper, you can bet that they glance at their Twitter feed and Facebook timeline. In fact, according to AMN Healthcare’s info graphic based on their 2013 study, "42% of clinicians use social media while job searching". Keep in mind though, that doesn’t include daily personal use, which is yet another opportunity to target passive candidates.

Build a Recruitment Brand

Recruitment branding goes hand in hand with daily recruitment marketing. Your recruitment marketing should echo your overall recruitment brand message. Per AMN Healthcare’s Healthcare Trends 2016, “Building a visible, respected brand supported by a positive organizational culture is becoming a meaningful market differentiator.” In today’s recruitment marketing arena, being different and consistently broadcasting those differences could be the way to more candidates.

The 2016 Report also mentioned that, “For the first time, the intelligence report inquired about social media, and 64% indicated that it plays a fair to significant role in their recruitment process. Growth in this area is expected to continue. However, there is a disconnect between the emphasis recruiters place on social media and the relative lack of reliance on these tools reported by many healthcare candidates. B.E. Smith’s experience suggests organizations benefit greatly from weaving social media into an integrated, proactive candidate outreach program. These programs incorporate many different communication channels, ensuring the career opportunity reaches a wide audience of potential candidates. The viral and social sharing function of many social media networks plays a critical role in achieving this goal.”

It should be noted that the successful approach mentioned above is indicative of a comprehensive social strategy woven into an inbound marketing plan. Cutting edge healthcare companies must realize that while one option is better than nothing, a robust campaign that utilizes social, traditional and digital will always outperform a singular form of advertising.


Staying competitive in the healthcare recruitment marketing is a constant battle. You may be the best, but candidates need to know that. In order to make yourself the employer of choice for those candidates, make sure to stay proactive, be social and keep building your recruitment brand.


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