Getting Applicants: Recruitment Advertising with Social Media

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2025, over 75% of the working force will be comprised of Millennials. So how does this have an impact on the way a company recruits their talent? Millennials have been raised with the internet, and most rely on technology to accomplish their daily tasks. The Society for Human Resource Management polled it's members recently, and discovered that 77% of respondent companies use social media platforms to recruit candidates for specific jobs. This means companies are increasingly harnessing social media to build their work force.

Time Management

One of the main challenges a company faces when recruiting on social media, is the amount of time it takes to reach every candidate, on their particular platform of choice. The internet is now rife with hundreds of social media websites, so choosing which sites to advertise on can be tricky. Utilizing a social media marketing tool is a great way to choose what sites will work for your company and will make you more efficient in your efforts.

One-Click Reply

Many sites now offer features that will allow your applicants to submit their resume and information via an online form. Rather than a potential candidate logging off social media, then e-mailing and attaching a resume, they can simply click an "apply now" button that will take them straight to the beginning of the application process. LinkedIn is one example of social media that supports this trend. Some platforms will also allow applicants to pull their data from sites like Monster and Indeed, to filter into a form that goes straight to your inbox. Eliminating the steps in between, has the potential to organize a wider array of applicants. In addition, a large portion of companies are now creating recruitment microsites to create a seamless experience for potential applicants.

Passive Candidates

Working with social media when recruiting allows you to place jobs in front of candidates who are not actively searching. These are called "passive candidates," and if offered the right opportunities, may be willing to apply to your open position. Some of the best hires are obtained this way. Sourcing these prospects, is greatly leveraged by social media. Building relationships through social media is the key factor in finding passive candidates. Although these candidates often require more strategy and time in the recruitment process, it has been statistically demonstrated that they yield a much higher retention rate.

Overall, social media is the key to employing the new generation of workers. When you speak the language of the candidates with the greatest potential, you'll find the most satisfactory results in the recruiting process.

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