Twitter: Recruitment Strategies Worth Talking About

As you develop a social media plan for recruiting, Twitter is probably not the platform that leaps immediately to mind. After all, how much can you accomplish with a mere 140 characters launched out into virtual space?

Quite a bit, as it turns out! If 300+ million active users per month aren't reason enough, here are some creative Twitter recruitment strategies that will give you a new perspective on including this platform in your social media recruitment arsenal.

Be a Leader AND a Follower

Building a robust network goes both ways. One of the best methods for developing a following is to be a follower yourself. Run a filtered search for Twitter users based on location, industry or other relevant criteria. Your company's associates and other recruiters can also be valuable sources for referrals. 

Sell the Sizzle

Part of recruiting involves bringing the company to life as a desirable place to work. One of your prime Twitter recruitment strategies should be sharing photos, videos and candid day-in-the-life tidbits to paint a picture of a vibrant culture that draws potential candidates in. 



Hashtags have become a widely recognized and used method of giving internet visibility via a word or phrase. Be sure to use hashtags that your candidates are likely to search for, but make sure not to overdo it (you don’t want to cross the line over into spam).

It's Not Always About the Job

Don't let your tweets become nothing more than virtual classified ads. Engage followers by sharing interesting content and posing questions to stimulate interaction. In return, always respond to questions directed to you as well as any mentions in other tweets. Being engaged is key to staying relevant.

Leverage Twitter's Reach

When your messages are retweeted, the number of users receiving them increases exponentially and you get the advantage of reaching candidates outside your own network. People are often happy to comply with a simple "Please RT" included in your tweet. 

Be Proactive

Don't just sit back and wait for people to respond to your tweets. Do a Twitter search using keywords associated with your industry or a specific position and contact those people directly. Even if they're not interested, there's a good chance they will recommend someone who is, or at least retweet your posting to their own network. Passive candidates are a great, often untapped resource for recruiters.


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