The 2019 Mid-Summer Recruitment Roundup

July is a dead time historically for recruitment, but it doesn’t seem to be that way for hiring-based news! Big things are coming down the road for some major social engines and we are going to break them down for you, quick and dirty.

Let’s go!

Google Suspicions Confirmed (Almost)









In several previous blog articles, we wrote about Google Hire and Google Jobs becoming potential competitors for sites like Indeed. Well…that didn’t exactly happen. Instead, those apps / sites became the SEO benchmark for getting your jobs found. However, our prediction was not entirely off base if you believe this article about a little thing called Google Clockwork!

The nuts and bolts for Google Clockwork applied for relatively on the sly in Tonga and the Goods and Services section sound distinctly like…GASP! A JOB BOARD! You can read it for yourself below (Class 9 is the most obvious):

  • “Class 9 – Downloadable mobile applications for posting, distributing, and viewing employment opportunities, for posting and viewing resumes, for subscribing to job alerts via email and text, for screening job applicants by viewing and downloading resumes in a resume database, for searching for job opportunities and for applying to jobs and other job search information; computer software application used to manage labor staff, including hiring, onboarding, human resources, scheduling and labor law compliance.
  • Class 35 – Providing an online searchable database featuring employment opportunities and content about employment; providing an online resume database featuring information relating to job seekers; providing online searchable database relating to job vacancies; providing an online searchable database of resumes of prospective employees; providing an interactive web site with information about job seeking; providing a website that enables users to sign up for job alerts via text and email and apply for jobs.
  • Class 42 – Software as a service (SAAS) services for mobile phones, mobile computers, and mobile devices featuring software for scheduling of workers and workforce management; software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for scheduling of workers and workforce management; computer services, namely, providing a search engine for obtaining job listings, resume postings, and other job search information via the Internet; computer services, namely, providing a website featuring temporary use of non-downloadable software for use in online personnel recruiting, posting job openings online, screening and interviewing job applicants online, and storing resumes online.”

We urge you to read the rest of the article here in which Business Insider agrees with the assertion that a job board may be on the horizon.

Google Jobs is coming people! It’s just going to be called something else…

LinkedIn’s Algorithm Update

In an unsurprising, but recent move, LinkedIn has decided to change up its algorithm (Facebook does this…all the time) to prioritize “personalized” content. According to an article by Sourcecon, The new format is tailored around a user’s LinkedIn Feed. Content will now be ranked around personal interests and engagement. Rather than heavily listing viral content, users will now see content in which they are more likely to join the conversation.”  What does that mean? Well, the above article noted that the new personalization is based off of the following:

  • Peoples’ connections
  • Who people interact with directly
  • Who people work with or have worked with
  • Shared experiences with connections (based on profile information)









So again…what does it all mean? It means you need to be more careful than ever of who you are linked to! We’ve always been clear that making valuable connections is what LinkedIn is about, but this proves it. Unnecessary or irrelevant connections for the sake of vanity will end up serving you with a menagerie of meaningless content! Ditch the low quality contacts and load up on real ones.

People are Ready for Real Employment Opportunities

This isn’t a surprise, but the STATISTICAL REFERENCE GUIDE FOR RECRUITERS 50 HR and Recruiting Stats for 2019 report by Glassdoor backs up our claims…posting a job is not enough in 2019. You need to give candidates a real reason to apply and you need to be honest.









Here are some things candidates want as outlined in the report:

“The factors that contribute to workers’/job seekers’ perception of long-term potential are:

  • 44% transparency about pay/benefits
  • 39% information about growth opportunities
  • 37% knowledge of company promoting from within
  • 35% positive sentiments in employee reviews

Lack of information about pay and benefits (50%) and interview schedule changes (50%) are the two biggest causes of frustration during the interview process according to job seekers/workers. Following closely on those factors are untimely responses (47%) and lack of information about job responsibilities (46%).

The aspects of the job application process that job seekers/workers find the most important to a positive experience were clear and regular communication (58%), clear expectations (53%), and feedback regarding rejection (51%).”

There is a lot more information in the full report. You can read it here.


The rest of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 will be characterized by candidates in the driver’s seat of their own careers. For years, there has been a wealth of information available for research purposes, but now, more than ever, we are in a feedback-prominent space. Make sure you have good word of mouth! Negative reviews will cost you.

Scared? Don’t worry, you can start by doing some of the following:

  • Roll out referral bonuses.
  • Launch an unconventional hiring initiative or event.
  • Start an in-house training program.
  • Appreciate and reward your current team members.
  • Consider adding “Stay” interviews to your Human Resources cycle.
  • Be transparent in your job descriptions.

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