Recruitment: Reassessing Your Marketing Methods

Human Resource departments across the nation are struggling, especially in the healthcare sector. Filling and keeping positions has become a tedious nightmare that has administrators everywhere constantly throwing their hands in the air wondering what they could be doing differently. Modernizing recruitment methods is key when reassessing your recruitment marketing strategy.

Traditional Vs Modern Recruitment Strategies

Let's compare two different healthcare facilities. Both are located in similar sized towns in the same area. While these two have a lot in common, one struggles to find good candidates, and the other has nearly every post filled with great people who love the work. Why the discrepancy? 

The understaffed hospital relies on outdated methods of recruiting and retaining employees, while the fully staffed hospital embraces modern recruiting methods, specifically, inbound marketing which brings in a regular flow of qualified candidates. Keep this in mind when reassessing your recruitment marketing strategy. Instead of constantly being on the hunt, an organization that uses inbound marketing has a steady stream of people who want to work for them.

Here are a few reasons inbound marketing excels.

  • It Presents Your Organization as a Leader -  People want to work for winners, not losers. A strong online brand attracts strong job seekers.
  • Nurtures Candidates While Weeding Out The Weak - Presenting great content online, having an active social media presence, and engaging in social monitoring naturally attracts great people, while filtering out those that would not be a good fit. 
  • It Streamlines The Hiring Process - Obtain great candidates in a more organized and efficient manner. Candidates who like the informative content your organization has posted tend to be the ones you want to hire. 
Inbound marketing will attract great candidates by precisely targeting qualified candidates. Data accumulated from your campaign will further streamline the process down the road, making it even more efficient. So what steps should you take to create an effective recruitment strategy?

  • Revamp Your Online Brand - Content cannot only make your organization more attractive to consumers, but also to potential employees. In today’s world, you must have a great website that is filled with informative content. Videos, white papers, e-books, blog posts, all of these will establish your authority, making it easier to attract the most talented candidates. 
  • Become More Engaged - Step up your presence on social media sites. Facebook is the most popular social media site on the globe, and to neglect it is to your peril. Use LinkedIn effectively to set your organization up as an industry leader through constant engagement and the promotion of top-notch content.
  • Create a Great Reputation - People want to work for a winning team, not a losing one. According to this study, 69% of job seekers will not take a position with a company that has a bad reputation. Boost your organization's brand and social media presence to enhance its reputation.
  • Stay Focused - Be proactive, not reactive and regularly meet with team leaders to know about future needs. Interview candidates, even if the positions are not open yet. It's better to have a list of future employees than stare at a blank piece of paper.


Reassessing your recruitment marketing strategy? 

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