Top Tips for Attending #INBOUND16

Well, it’s mid-September and the countdown to the #INBOUND16 conference has officially begun in the offices of Harger Howe. Last year was our first year attending this conference, but this year, we’d like to impart some of our best tips for new attendees. We’ve broken the tips down into categories for easy use and quick reading. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions and definitely feel free to share them with other new Inbounders!


  • Wear comfortable shoes! You will be running a lot!
  • Dress in layers – you may want to run outside to get lunch and there isn’t a lot of time for changing.
  • Wear what makes you comfortable (within reason). Learn why here.
  • Obviously we can’t speak for everyone, but based on last year, some of us will be bringing lightweight backpacks like this one.

Time Management

  • Make a schedule, but be willing to be flexible.
  • There will be an app for scheduling, but make sure to write it down as well. The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) is not small and it's always good to be over prepared.

Agendas / Tracks and the BCEC

  • This year, Hubspot has designed agendas. Familiarize yourself with your options and create backup plans just in case.
  • There are specifically designed tracks for #INBOUND16. Choosing to stay on one track will generally land you in one area of the BCEC meaning you won’t have to run as much. The tracks are: keynotes, spotlights, bold talks, ideas & experiences, hacks, tips & tricks, inbound sales, executive track, agency track and grow with Hubspot,
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of the BCEC early on so that you understand exactly where you should be going. Here’s a direct link to their floor plans.
  • Decide on a strategy for the keynote talks. While it is great to be close to those incredible speakers, sometimes you need to run out quickly to get to your next talk. Sometimes the back or closer to it is the most advantageous location to sit.
  • Club Inbound is a great central location to meet people. We realized early on that if we needed to regroup, all we needed to do was meet there. We suggest you do the same with your team.


  • Bring a portable charger. Club Inbound is great, but you’ll need to stay charged constantly.
  • Consider bringing a laptop so that you can generate blog content between sessions.
  • Always have your phone! Live Tweet, Instagram and Facebook to maximize your social engagement.


  • Don’t be shy about talking to the speakers. They are very approachable!
  • Talk to the people who sit next to you prior to the talks. Everyone at #INBOUND16 is a resource of some sort.
  • Bring a ton of business cards – trust us – you’ll need them.
  • If you do run out of business cards, consider taking a fun picture with your new contact that includes their badge for later.
  • Social networking is essential during this conference. Make sure to learn the most relevant hashtags and post frequently (sometimes there are prizes too!)
  • Attend as many after-conference day events as you can. They are fun and a perfect place to talk to people when they are less stressed.
  • Consider staying in the city so that you can spend more time in Boston and less time stressing about travel (but book your hotel as soon as possible, because they fill up!)
  • After #INBOUND16, make sure to follow up with everyone you’ve met. Typically, one week is the absolute deadline if you want to get the most out of your interactions.

How about it marketers, have we missed anything crucial? Send us your tips so that we can add it to future lists (we will make sure to cite your company if we use it).

Send us your tips!