Use Quarter 2's Healthcare Recruitment Trends to Plan Your Next Budget

A considerable percentage of our clients are healthcare systems, so we keep up with healthcare industry recruiting trends on a daily basis. One of the most prominent job boards is Health eCareers and their affiliate organization boards, so it is no surprise that they create many reports based on job posting trends across their networks. The latest is called the Healthcare Recruitment Snapshot Q2 2016. Here are some of the healthcare recruitment trends we thought would be most relevant to our clients as 2016 moves toward a close.

1. Jobs are Ramping Up in Healthcare

While there is always speculation about national job growth, the healthcare sector is actively adding jobs. The report states, “the healthcare industry continued to add jobs to the U.S. economy at a steady pace in Q2. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare employment increased by 44,000 positions in April, 46,000 in May, and 39,000 in June. The BLS also noted that from January 2014 to June 2016, ambulatory healthcare has added 572,000 jobs, accounting for 58% of the industry’s employment gains. Hospitals added 323,000 positions during the same period, accounting for 33% of healthcare’s employment increase.”

Recruiters who used Health eCareers posted 64,290 jobs for private practices, large healthcare systems and community hospitals. This number represented a 15% increase in postings to their network.

2. Competition is Fierce For Physicians, Surgeons and Nurses

According to the report, “Physicians / surgeons and nursing roles continued to account for the largest percentages of jobs posted [on Health eCareers].” The postings themselves breakdown as follows:

1% - Academics / Research
3% - Administration / Executive
5% - Allied Health
1% - Counseling and Social Services
0% - Dietetics / Nutrition
1% - Healthcare IT
7% - Nurse Practitioner
20% - Nursing
1% - Pharmacy
47% - Physician / Surgeon
5% - Physician Assistant
1% - Radiologic Technologist / Medical Imaging
7% - Therapy

3. When it Comes to Physicians and Surgeons, Family, Emergency and Internal Medicine Are In Demand

According to the report, 12% of all Health eCareers posts are for Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine or Internal Medicine providers. This number will likely climb though because the report mentions that a new fee schedule will likely be going into effect that will emphasize the importance of prevention and overall physical and mental wellness. This same initiative will also give physicians more time with patients for listening and advising.

4. The Need for Nurses is Climbing

As mentioned previously, nurse postings made up 32% of the total Health eCareers jobs for quarter two. Of that, the breakdown is:

Health eCareers nursing findings

69% - Registered Nurses
15% - Nurse Support
13% - Nurse Management
3% - Advanced Practice Nurses

Within those designations, the following are the most popular positions: Nursing Assistant / Certified Nursing Assistant, General Medical / Surgical RN, Emergency Medicine RN, General LPN / LVN / RPN, Psychiatric / Mental Health RN, General Medicine RN, Cardiology / Telemetry RN, ICU RN, Case Manager RN and Nursing Shift Supervisor.

The report also includes information such as the states with the most amount of postings, gender pay gaps within specialties and significant increases in hiring, so we highly recommend you check out the full piece here.


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