Radio Recruitment is Becoming More Visual Than Ever

As a recruitment ad agency, we run many radio recruitment campaigns both through traditional stations and via streaming platforms. We have seen great results from both mediums, but the fact is, not many recruiters have entertained the idea of a streaming radio campaign. We think this is a mistake! In 2017, recruiters should really be considering adding in streaming radio recruitment to their arsenal of tools. Why? Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you.

Increased Attendance

In our experience radio works really well for promoting live recruitment events because it is championing an actionable step such as learning about a job fair on a careers microsite. Streaming radio ads through services like Pandora allows us to utilize visuals that are clickable as well as the traditional vocal call to action. These visuals are just an added incentive for candidates to click and RSVP to your recruitment event. Take advantage of it!

More Options in General

Though there are multiple options for streaming radio providers with various ad options, Pandora in particular has announced the following changes to their streaming advertising for 2017 advertisers:

Mobile Creative Placement

Pandora has committed to containing the artwork within the place where the album cover is featured presumably to provide a better ad experience for users.

A Better Way to Dismiss

Taking a note from other popular swipe apps, Pandora has chosen to make it easy to get rid of ads that aren’t relevant. Now, instead of having to find that pesky X button all candidates will have to do is swipe away. They did this in order to, “reduce accidental clicks.”

Responsive Design

Much like microsites and well, all websites to be honest, you just have to be mobile optimized to compete in today’s market. Pandora recognized this and made sure all of their new ads are at a, “1:1 aspect ratio, so the ad will automatically adjust to the size of a listener’s phone while using standard industry specs.”

Muted Video

Muted video has proven to be a successful trend in the marketing world and streaming video is no different. According to them, “advertisers using the new Muted Video solution saw a 32% increase in listeners spending at least five seconds with the video.”

In-App Landing Pages

We all know it! Landing pages are key to closing deals and getting candidate information. So it’s no surprise that Pandora decided to move toward landing pages within the Pandora app itself to provide more detail on an offering.

While traditional radio is still very effective, these new features are distinct advantages when it comes to setting yourself apart in the recruitment market.


As we mentioned earlier, radio campaigns work really well in conjunction with a careers microsite. If you already have one, make sure to keep it updated with our cleanup list.

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