Summer Reads for Beach-bound Recruiters and Business Enthusiasts

Ahhh, summertime and the living is easy. While we are always busy producing powerful content for our inbound recruitment marketing campaigns, maintaining our clients’ websites and keeping up with the general flow of hiring needs, summer is arguably our “slow season.”

The slower times are great for long-term projects and learning, which is why we think you should take some time to read. Reading different perspectives on business, marketing and recruitment will help you find new ways to recruit and better ways to conduct business. So based on that assertion, here are a few of our favorite books and reasons to read them.

Matt Walsh, Director of Client Service
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

“This book has relevant information for dealing with all types of people in any type of environment.”

Gillian Barnes, Creative Content Manager
The Skinny on the Art of Persuasion by Jim Randel  

“It’s funny, I probably never would’ve picked up this book on my own, but I was reviewing books for a website called PsychCentral many years back and this little gem fell into my lap. It’s a small book with stick figures on the cover - so it’s far from intimidating, but the information inside of it is REALLY useful when it comes to understanding human nature. 

I particularly enjoyed how the author explains that you can be persuasive without being manipulative. It should be noted as well that this book is one in a small series of helpful, short reads, so if you like the flavor of this speed read, you can always grab another of Randel’s works such as the one about networking.”

Mark Wedes, Detroit Partner
Confessions of an Ad Man by David Ogilvy

“The one book that launched my career in advertising – before segueing to direct search over the last decade – was ‘Confessions of an Ad Man,’ by David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy and Mather Advertising, which is now a WPP company. It got me hooked on advertising after bemoaning the minuscule compensation with newspaper reporting.”

Viktoriia Zuban, Designer
Games People Play The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne, M.D. and Body Language by Alan Pease 

“When you read about people who play games and books about body language you can really start to see people around you. We all have some prototype templates and if someone figures out the nature of the person you can basically point out your friends based on the basic descriptions.

Of course there is no 100% description that sums a person up, but it’s almost like the author can see through everyone. I found this useful in everyday life as you can see how people react to how you say something. You can sort of act the right way in a conversation and make yourself heard. It also helps to avoid conflicts.

Psychology books also help you understand yourself so you can look at and change your actions and reactions.”

Michael Walsh, President
E: A Novel by Matt Beaumont

"One of my all-time favorite books is call 'E: A Novel.'  This is set at a time when email was just starting to be a popular business tool."


So whether you’re looking for a quick read or a longer psychological deep dive, we hope you enjoy your adventures in the land of prose.

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