Why Harger Howe Direct Search Makes a Direct Impact

When it comes to writing blogs, we tend to focus on subjects like inbound recruitment marketing, marketing strategy, social media and other such subjects. However, one area that should be considered, particularly with regard to hard-to-fill, upper-level roles is direct search.

Chances are if you’re new to reading our blogs, you haven’t heard about Harger Howe Direct yet. Harger Howe Direct is our agency’s direct search division that operates out of our Detroit office, but serves clients across the nation. Our direct search division was formed based on knowledge garnered from the recruitment advertising trenches. According to Mark Wedes, Harger Howe’s Detroit Partner, “Our search division evolved from Harger Howe’s recruitment advertising/communications agency. Our employment advertising foundation has enabled us to work with our HR clientele seamlessly on both direct search and communications.”

So why should you consider our direct search option as an alternative to typical sourcing methods? Well, here are five reasons:

5. We’re Affordable

There are many search firms available for finding top talent, but we like to think that ours has a competitive edge when it comes to pricing and quality.  "Because of our traditional support of Human Resources, we work within their budgets while reducing hiring costs significantly, often by 50%, over traditional retained or contingent search firms. This enables us to provide more value and still maintain agency profitability,"  says Wedes.

4. We’re Efficient

Let’s face it, a recruitment marketing push can sometimes take a long time. Direct search with Harger Howe Direct can often eliminate that lengthy process. Per Wedes, “Usually we provide candidates within two-three weeks of launching the search. From there the hiring process varies in length of time depending upon a myriad of factors usually out of our control although we try to hold parties accountable to the process. We help arrange interviews, assist HR in candidate handling through the offer process, and continue to support through onboarding to ensure a successful, sustainable hire. Generally, searches from start to completion vary between one to three months to achieve the hire.”

3. We Find the Right Person

The fact is, there will always be applicants for open roles, but they may not be the candidates that you really need. The trophy talent is often times in a passive state and we help pull them forward for your consideration. “Clients can find active job seekers on their own. We look for the best qualified talent who are often happy in their current roles and not actively looking to change unless intrigued by the opportunity that we present,” said Wedes.

And, in addition to being able to find these professionals, we really make a strong effort to get companies their exact match. According to Wedes, “Our first step in this process is to understand the hiring manager’s ideal candidate requirements/preferences to give them what they want, not what we have in our database. That means doing our due diligence by consulting with HR and the hiring manager, understanding the position’s responsibilities and requirements, the environment/organization tangibles (including compensation/benefits) and intangibles (culture/team dynamics/hiring manager personality, etc.), key hiring manager questions to better qualify candidates, and attractive aspects of the role and organization from the candidate’s point of view.”

2. We’re Specialized

Though we are fully capable of serving any industry, we excel strongly in cetain areas where we have historical knowledge. “We work primarily with hospitals and health systems to recruit talent at all levels, including C-Suite, clinical directors and managers, financial professional, Health Information Management professionals, IT professionals, and also non-exempt billers, coders, and others who are necessary to support hospital operations and patient care,” said Wedes.

1. We’re Established

We have experience that some other direct sourcing firms do not. Per Wedes, “Harger Howe Direct was officially formed in 2004 under its original name of Search Innovators. We began working exclusively with health care clientele beginning in 2008 although our experienced recruiters have worked many years prior with health care and non-health care clients.”


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