4 Ways to Take Your Company's Facebook Page to the Next Level

It's tempting to just pick a few photos that you like and then totally forget about your company's Facebook page. But is that really the way to go? Facebook trends are changing faster than you can imagine and it's easy to fall behind if you're not careful. We break it down to four easy ways you can make your company page more attractive to your customers. 

1. Update your cover photo.

We don't know if you've noticed, but your cover photo is actually more important than your profile picture. Say what? It's true! Since Facebook has made significant changes to their page layout, the profile picture, which used to be the thing, has now been downsized to a much smaller position on your page. The horizontal cover photo is now the single largest image on your page, so it's now become the most important. Check out some of these profiles of famous companies to see what I mean:

lyft cover photo facebook

whole foods cover photo

intel cover photo

ford cover photo

As you can see, the profile picture has become way less important than it used to be; companies mainly just use it for their logos. The cover photo is where the marketing is. Our advice is to find or create some really stunningly beautiful images that showcase what you do and use those. And don't forget to change them too! You should never go more than a quarter, for example, without putting up a new photo.

Another even more cutting edge option is a video cover photo. Check out University of Phoenix's Facebook page, and Harvard University's. These videos use all the same techniques as a regular cover photo - beautiful images which showcase what the company does best - but makes their message exponentially stronger through use of video. Producing a video like this for your company may be more costly, but if you're looking to increase your Facebook following and clientele, it's an investment that will seriously pay off.

2. Rewrite your “About” section.

Since it isn’t visible on the main view of your page, many companies forget that it’s there and don't spend much time on it. Don’t make that mistake! Even thought it isn’t visible on the preview, this is actually a page that many visitors will navigate to. I can’t tell you how many times I personally have been interested in a particular business with a beautiful Facebook presence, navigated to their about page, and was totally dismayed by either no information or a giant wall of chunky text.

Facebook doesn’t allow too many options for customization in this section so you can’t use bold or italics or underlining, but that's okay. Go for short and sweet - try to come up with one sentence that really reflects your business. If you do need to put more information, use a lot of line breaks to add space and definition to your writing and make it easier on your reader’s eyes. Here are some examples:

sperry about facebookVery pithy, and pretty cool sounding, right? 

Phoenix university about facebook

This one is longer, but is easy to read. The paragraph break helps with that. They quickly outline their business and offer a quick link to their website where the reader can find more information if they want it. Easy to read, easy to understand - perfect!

lyft about facebookLyft's "About" description is also short and sweet. It makes it immediately clear what their product is and how to use it. They also provide a helpful link where the reader can find more information if they want to.

What does your company's "About" page look like? Chances are it doesn't quite look this nice. This is your chance to get ahead of the competition - take it!

3. Add videos to your wall.

Videos are in right now. Videos on Facebook are racking up so many views because of Facebook's auto-play feature. In the past, a user had to click on a video link in order to watch a video. Now, however, videos auto-play on a user's feed.... which means even people who usually might scroll past will stop and watch. This offers companies a tremendous opportunity to engage new audiences.
Check out this video from Intel - they do a great job of showing off a super cool product, showcasing some of their employees, and engaging fans of the super popular new Wonder Woman movie. 

As we all know, Intel is a huge company and has plenty of money to put into making a cool video. Does that mean that smaller companies should stay away? Of course not! 
While a well-produced video is certainly something every company should definitely be putting into their budget, even basic videos, shot from a phone with zero editing still have major currency on Facebook. 
However, many people are intimidated by the thought of making a video. They think, "I’m not a professional video person, I have no idea how to edit and shoot a video. So I should just play it safe and not put any up."
That’s where you’d be wrong! The quality of video that a current smartphone can take is actually very high, and Facebook users are generally very understanding that not everyone has the budget to constantly be shooting at movie quality. Actually, Facebook users often prefer simple videos because they feel like it's a more organic connection with the company. So what should you video, you ask? Well, anything! At a new product launch? Show us a little snippet of the festivites. At a fun company event? Snap a video to showcase your company culture. The possibilities are endless, but the medium is clear - video is the future on Facebook.
4. Revamp your images.
Facebook is a visual platform, which means that the image is king. Most users have no interest in reading blocks of text, but pictures grab their attention.
Before you even examine your current photos, take a minute and think about your audience. Who is your core following on facebook? What gender? What age bracket? Profession? (Don’t forget you can also look at your “insights” tab for some information from Facebook about your actual followers)!
Younger audiences tend to be much more particular about the kinds of images they like on professional pages. Don’t forget that younger users like millennials routinely use apps like Instagram and are accustomed to doing basic photo editing, so their standards tend to be higher and they’re more critical of anything that looks to them like clip art. As a general rule of thumb, post the most attractive photographs that you can. If you can’t get amazing shots, editing them in even a basic photo editing software can greatly improve a mediocre photo. 
Check out some of these company's pages. You can have a variety of images, but they should all be interesting and beautiful. 

intel photos facebook

harvard facebook

whole foods facebook photos

Scroll down your page and see what photos are appearing in your “Photos” section. Are these the photos that you want representing your business? If they’re not, change them! 

Overall, make sure you’re paying regularly looking over your company Facebook page and constantly updating your visuals and text! Facebook pages are now almost as important (if not more important) than your company website, so make sure you are investing time in making yours look as beautiful and compelling as you can.

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