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Harger Howe Winter 2020 Team Updates!

A new year, a new decade! We at Harger Howe are anticipating a fantastic year filled with new adventures, new connections, and lots of smiles! 😄 Here's what our team has been up to so far in 2020:


Team Harger’s Summer Season Team Update

Summer is in high gear in the offices of Harger Howe and our team has exciting plans both in the office and outside of it. Summer is a great time for our team members because it allows us to prepare both mentally and strategically for the fall recruitment time ahead.


Meet Harger Howe's Newest Team Members!

May is shaping up to be a super exciting month here for us at Harger Howe Advertising! We have so much going on, but most importantly, we are welcoming two new members to our team! Welcome to our two incredible Account Coordinators, Jamie Taylor and Carolyn Stacey! Read on to learn more about them.


Updates from Harger Howe Houston

We have been doing some spring cleaning here at the Houston office... in fact, we will actually be moving to an entirely new building in mid May! After 10 years at our current location, we are excited about our new space. It will also be larger than our current office and offer us the opportunity…


4 Ways to Take Your Company's Facebook Page to the Next Level

It's tempting to just pick a few photos that you like and then totally forget about your company's Facebook page. But is that really the way to go? Facebook trends are changing faster than you can imagine and it's easy to fall behind if you're not careful. We break it down to four easy ways you can…


September Team Updates

The kids are back to school, the nights are getting cooler, and your favorite Harger Howe team is gearing up for Fall. Fall is one of our busiest times here in the office so we have all been enjoying the last few days of summer.