Harger Howe Winter 2020 Team Updates!

A new year, a new decade! We at Harger Howe are anticipating a fantastic year filled with new adventures, new connections, and lots of smiles! 😄 Here's what our team has been up to so far in 2020:


Welcome Mel, our new Content Manager/Social Media Specialist!


“I am so excited to be starting 2020 at Harger Howe! I recently moved to Waltham with my fiancée, Cassie, and our newly adopted puppy, Juniper! A lot of positive changes lately, and I’m very excited for what’s ahead."

- Mel Powsner, Content Manager





“My wife and I are headed to Key West for a 4-day getaway. We are driving from Miami all the way out to the Keys.”

- Mike Walsh, President


Frank 2020 update

"My family and I recently went to San Diego to visit my daughter and her girlfriend. We hung around in La Jolla, drove up the coast, visited Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, and Malibu. We had a fantastic time! California is a great place to visit when it's cold here on the East Coast!"

- Frank Miani, Account Manager




paint nightsilk class yoga studio

“I’ve been enjoying my silks classes at my yoga studio, where I practice aerial dance and aerial strength! I’ve also been teaching paint nights with my friends, and it’s been a lot of fun!”

- Jen Chamberlain, Account Coordinator



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