How Recruiters Can Utilize LinkedIn as a Search Engine

A few days ago, we came across an article called, The new search engine that could give Google a run for its money. This article by John Nemo brought up a great point; LinkedIn is an untapped, search-based resource. Here are some of the ideas Nemo mentioned that recruiters can use to harness the power of LinkedIn as a search engine.

Content Search

As Nemo noted in his article, LinkedIn recently started allowing users to search feeds. According to LinkedIn this new ability will allow users to use keywords to find topics that they care about and locate hashtag-based posts. This is a great development for all users because it means that if you noticed a great piece of content, but forgot to comment on it, you can go back later. No regrets!

Professionals at Your Fingertips

The best part of LinkedIn isn’t the ability to show off your online resume, but it is linked to that idea. Recruiters can use LinkedIn to search in a very detailed manner. According to Nemo, “you can refine your search results by job title, industry type, zip code and a bevy of other filters.” This ability to dive deeply into the exact qualifications you are seeking opens your network up significantly and allows you to connect with the right candidates.

*Pro-tip: Never send a candidate a stock message. Take the time to personalize a response. This element of care will set you apart from the many other messages they probably received that week.

Content Production

With the introduction of the Inbound Marketing methodology, it is key to publish unique content. Typically, that content is published in the form of blogs, on engagement sites like Bebee, or on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn’s influencer and article section has always been powerful, it is now going to be essential with the introduction of searchable feeds.

Now, if recruiters want to be seen as a thought leader in their field, it is much more likely that the right audience will find their posts via hashtags and keyword searches. As Nemo noted, “The key to getting your posts discovered is similar to how it works on other social networks —using keywords in your blog post title, body content and (most important) creating hashtags.”

At Harger Howe, we are very excited by this LinkedIn update as it is in line with our feeling that Inbound Marketing is essential to professional networking and recruitment. We are looking forward to seeing LinkedIn grow and develop into the professional search engine of the future.


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